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Augmented reality advertising is fresh and interactive, which can reach to audience faster than conventional marketing tools. AR campaigns will go in hand with print ads, billboards and anything similar.

Augmented Reality for

Print Ads

Print ads are common and familiar to all age groups, to integrate print ads with augmented reality is a simple and easy process. Use the image for the print campaign as the target image, and add any content like video, 3D model or animation on the top of it or show it in a plane surface.

Augmented Reality

Ads for Brands

The success of any product depends on its branding and advertising. To attract the new age consumers living in a data flood, the advertisers must follow different patterns that go in hand with technology. Augmented reality is one of the futuristic technologies that can transform the advertising and media industry to a whole new look.

Augmented Reality


Augmented reality classifieds can deliver multiple ads with interactive contents and call to action. AR-enabled classifieds is a great way to enhance user engagement and sales. It works well with any printed brochures, magazines, even a restaurant menu card.



Location-based advertising makes your product to reach the exact audience on a particular day, time in a specific place. Location-based advertising makes the ad campaigns more accurate and results driven, it saves your money and time.

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