Augmented reality in the classroom

Transform learning to an immersive experience

Augmented reality (AR), allows educators to achieve learning objectives faster and efficiently. Prepare your students for the future with enhanced problem solving skills, collaborative learning and multi-dimensional thinking.

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National Institute of Engineering, Karnataka

Experiential Learning with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality aided experiential learning helps students to conceptualize the experience with their analytical skills, and that improves decision making and problem solving skills.

Augmented Reality brings learning to life

Practical learning is beyond the conventional way of reading, writing, memorizing and watching videos. Augmented Reality makes learning a creative experience with all senses

Augmented Reality for Online Class

We have seen that online classes are effective and useful. Traditional teaching methods don't fit with online classes. AR enabled classes makes students more interactive and engaged with the topic.

Experiential Learning with AR

The students may not follow the complex concepts if it is something they cannot relate or experience, AR enabled learning resolves this by connecting the student with the subject.


How to create an interactive textbook or learning material with augmented reality?

You can simply create augmented reality for textbooks in 2 minutes. You can add any videos, animated 3d models, gif or 360 degree contents to your textbooks to make it interactive learning materials.


Yes, we provide free trials. You can experiment and see how it works with the free trial.
Yes, we do have a plan for educators with just $19. You find it here in our pricing page. https://app.unitear.com/pricing
Yes, we do have a plan for Schools or institutions, Education Annual plan is cost-effective and specially designed for schools and institutions.
Yes, you can purchase any plans on the pricing page, you can always reach us in case of any queries. Click here to contact us.
Yes, you can cancel the plans anytime you wish, you raise a cancellation request from your account itself. The plan will be canceled within 24 hours.
Yes, you can upgrade your monthly plans to yearly at any time.