Augmented Reality in Education

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UniteAR for interactive Learning

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein. The future of education lies in the hands of reality technologies, especially augmented reality. The best way to teach is to enable students to think in multiple ways. Multi-sensory learning through augmented reality makes this happen.

Augmented Reality in Learning

Multi-sensory learning enables students to think in multiple dimensions. Reading, writing, understanding, and observing will happen at the same time. The futuristic learning will make the students Doers, Thinkers and Creators. Students can interact with the subject which they are learning, and it will provide better clarity of the subjects. Teaching methods will also be changed with futuristic technologies like augmented reality. The subject matter experts will be spending more time on providing a better experience of the subject through technology.

Augmented Reality for Special Education

Augmented Reality enabled interactive learning models helps the students with learning disabilities in better engagement and subject matter understanding. Individualized Educational Plans with the right content choices can improve the skill sets of the students with dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Augmented Reality for Kids

To understand the world of a kid is difficult, and make them familiar with the world is another difficult task. Augmented Reality can help parents and trainers to tell the story of the world with interactive 3D models, videos and audio. Kids may start thinking and doing things faster than we expect.

Augmented Reality for University Education

The higher education system makes people fit to choose a career as per the area of interest. Practical knowledge and complete understanding of the concept is the basic requirement to do any job, the interactive educational system based on augmented reality can lead the learners to a subject matter expert and doer at the same time.

Augmented Reality in Training

Augmented reality enabled training helps different industries to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and to save time

Augmented Reality in Medical Education

Augmented Reality enabled advanced medical education helps medical students and researchers to master their field before engaging with the actual patients.

Augmented Reality in Schools

Augmented reality enabled lessons make teaching and learning a neoteric interactive experience which may acts as a mutual knowledge sharing and progressive experimental method.

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