Augmented Reality in Entertainment

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Augmented Reality for Entertainment

People always love to be entertained in one or other way. Augmented reality will take this entertainment to the next level. The various areas of the entertainment industry can be augmented to provide a different interactive experience are movies, movie launching, trailers, indoor and outdoor games.

Augmented Reality in Gaming

The next generation gaming experience has been attained by the reality technologies, especially augmented reality. Augmented Reality Gaming allows players to interact with the real world environment and digital characters at the same time.It's possible to play outdoor games in your home with your smart phone. UniteAR provides custom gamification in augmented reality for events, products and entertainment

Augmented Reality for Movies

Augmented Reality transforms the way current pattern on movies and storytelling. The futuristic movie theaters can be a real-world environment where the viewers can be a part of the movie like a lucid dream. The interactivity and live augmentation may starts with the movie posters, and live preview on the road

Augmented Reality for Art

The classic expressions fo the creativity with the blend of futuristic technologies like Augmented Reality can convey more to the audience than it is with traditional medium of art.

Augmented Reality for social sharing

To make the world to see and share your creative pieces and fun challenges are possible with augmented reality. UniteAR lets you share your interactive augmentations through social media.

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