Augmented Reality for Marketing & Advertising

Augmented reality helps advertisers and marketers to create interactive ads that can instantaneously attract and engage users.

How a branded AR App helps you to reach your marketing goal ?

Drive sales and quality leads with effective marketing and user interaction, get a delightful insight into your creative ads and how it matches with the user's interests.

Use Cases for Augmented Reality Advertising & Marketing

We provide a list of use cases that worked for our customers; we can help you find out custom use cases specifically for your product or brand on a free consultation with us.

Align AR with your Print Advertising Campaigns

Augmented Reality works well with all types of printed campaigns like newspaper ads, magazines, flyers and many more...You can use either a web link or app for the experience.

Social Advertising with Augmented Reality

Integrate augmented reality with your facebook, instagram, and twitter ads. You can easily providean AR weblink for the easiest and flawless experience and that can work beyond your normal ad campaign.

Events & Show Promotions

Promote your events with just an AR campaign, let the users watch the trailer in just a scan or click. Augmented reality promotions will give you a fruitful insight before the event actually happens.

Product Demo with Augmented Reality

Conduct product presentations and demonstrations with augmented reality, you don’t need to take the product everywhere and you can show how it works. AR based demos works beyond the normal product videos.

Tell Your Brand Story with Augmented Reality

Branding creates an everlasting impression on consumers, and the way you are telling the story of your brand makes a huge difference! Let’s start creating your brand’s story with augmented reality.


Yes, we provide free trials. You can experiment and see how it works with the free trial.
Yes, you can create AR Apps with your own logo and template. https://app.unitear.com/pricing
Yes, we do provide unlimited monthly and yearly plans, specially created for companies with much larger usage.
Yes you can cancel the plans anytime you wish, you raise a cancellation request from your account itself. The plan will be canceled within 24 hours. Click here to contact us.
Yes, you can upgrade your monthly plans to yearly at any time.