UniteAR for

Real Estate

Augmented reality is beneficial for both real estate agents and customers. The decision-making time of a customer will be less with the use of interactive 3D demonstration of the construction.

Augmented Reality


Augmented reality enabled brochure of a house with features to conduct a walkthrough may work fantastic to convince a customer. It's simple and worthwhile with a smartphone.

Experience 360° View of

Interior and Exterior

Provide a complete understanding of the building, office space, homestay or any infrastructure with the aid of 360° view. The details of the architecture, beauty of the interior, amenities and space utilization detailing is possible with a 360° view.

Augmented Reality for

Virtual Construction

The customer can build their house virtually by just drag and drop at any random open area or their dream place with the help of augmented reality. The builder will get an idea about the expectations of a client.

Rent and Sell Buildings with

GPS Based AR

Location-based augmented reality advertising enables the customer to view the house and amenities in just a scan. It's possible to run augmented reality ads in front the house

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