3D Revolution with Augmented Reality

06 Mar 2020

3D in Augmented Reality for B2B

3D and Augmented Reality are emerging as a necessity for B2B enterprises. The companies mostly depending on Augmented Reality solutions with 3D for enabling better sales, customer experience, technical troubleshooting, training of various types (product training, employee training, safety training and many more), finally for marketing and advertising. Corporate buyers are increasingly intensifying their taste for the consumer-centric experience, that is similar to B2C. With the features of 3D in the AR space, the customer can experience the product from various angles. They can scale it up, change the position, combining with other 3D models or video is also possible.

3D enabled Customer service in AR Space

No one would question the importance of a better customer satisfaction rate. For any business, to keep the client satisfied is a crucial thing for business growth. Normal customer care or call centers are failing to achieve a very good customer satisfaction rate. Augmented Reality enabled Customer service can make the entire process automated and self-serviced. Customers can solve the issues related to the product, mostly the installation, turning on, turning off, and the entire process with the help of 3D enabled AR. Customers don't need to wait for an agent to pick up the call and resolve the issue. AR-enabled customer care helps organizations to cut down the operational cost to a larger extent.

How UniteAR helps enterprises with 3D enabled Augmented Reality?

With the next version of UniteAR, customers can upload multiple 3D contents, positioning of the contents, mixing up with different types of digital contents like 3D models, video, and images. All these features will be enabled with a self-serviced AR Studio. The 3D model gallery will be available for the first time users to learn how it works. Premium 3D contents and on-demand content creation will also be there. Accessing contents from world-class content creators will be one of the upcoming features.

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