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Augmented Reality in Real Estate | Augmented Reality applications android

People have the strange notion of associating Augmented Reality (AR) to games and fun. This misconception arises due to the fact that it was the really popular mobile game – Pokemon Go that got most people acquainted with the concept of augmented reality while in fact the technology of AR has been around for a very long time. Augmented Reality is indeed the next breakthrough revelation as far as technology is concerned and every sector has started adopting AR strategies for their business as well as markets and Real Estate is no different. The most important aspect of Real Estate is visualization. Ton load of images from all possible angles and lightings or videos that cover every spec and grass was never enough. People have always trusted 3D when it comes to the real estate sector. Today let us discuss on the various ways augmented reality affects the real estate sector.

• Saves Time:

: Visiting the property that one is interested in is an age old concept and studies reveal that only one in three sales are done by the clients actually visiting the property. This statistics is so because no longer do people have the time to perform this task and everyone in this 21st century is involved in the rat race one way or another. With the help of augmented reality a scan of the brochure with your smart phone will give you a tour around the place and just like that you can scope out your future home to the tiniest of details at your leisure and convenience. No longer will one have to worry about sly tongued agents emphasizing the merits of the property in such manner that you are blind to its flaws.

• More Detail:

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that images and videos will never compare to the actual overlapping of visual data on to the real physical world. AR offers a visual representation that is comparable to other technology before it and second only to the real deal, to actually behold the property with your own two eyes. This data that is incorporated can even be restructured to one’s convenience.

• Trials:

Augmented Reality gives you a specialty that is unique to it. Imagine you are in the process of interior designing and you are unsure about a certain piece of furniture or whether it is the right color combination to compliment your walls and floor. Instead of going through the trouble of renting the décor item and actually getting people to move it about, you can just drop it into the screen and even give the appropriate color shading to know if it is perfect for your home.

• AR Apps:

All the above mentioned features of augmented reality is only possible through the augmented reality apps for real estate created. Even in our humble nation, there has emerged several augmented reality apps for real estate. Among the more profound is South India’s very own augmented reality app - UniteAR designed by the brilliant minds of iBOSON. UniteAR gives the users the privilege of creating and expressing their own AR content to the best of their choosing and freedom. An app that is designed to innovate and gives the users the complete AR experience by in all walks of life and its main focus lies in real estate, in print media, advertising and Entertainment.

Augmented Reality will revolutionize the way we use our smart phones and the future will have us interacting with our smart phones for all known and available sectors. Real Estate will be one area where the augmented reality will have a direct and big scale impact.

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