The Future of Augmented Reality Marketing | Augmented Reality startups in India

Contrary to popular beliefs Augmented Reality (AR) is not a new gen technology. It existed for a long time and only now in the present are its applications being correctly utilized. Statistics reveal that the amount of capital poured into Augmented Reality Marketing in 2018 will be nearly double of what was used in 2014 and by the year 2020 augmented reality is all set to conquer the realm of digital marketing. Augmented reality will move from being more than a trump card to being a necessity for any product or service to survive in the digital space. Today let us check out how augmented reality will change the world of marketing as we know it:

How AR will change the world of marketing

• 3D Advertisement: The age of 2-dimensional advertisement will b long gone. Any reputed firm that wants to stay ahead of their competition will surely discard the need for 2D ads and will embark on clever and innovative 3-dimensional advertisements for their products and services. Not only will 3D ads be more interactive, it also leaves room for increased detail.

• Try Before You Buy: ‘Doubt’ and ‘regret’ have always gone hand in hand during the process of purchasing any commodity throughout human history. If doubt arises during the process of buying, then regret surely follows after purchase. With AR on board, the marketing world is all set to change this age old tradition. One can literally digitally try out the product before purchase. Lenskart and IKEA have already initiated this strategy and leaving their competition in the dust.

• Social Media: The youth these days pay more attention to their online avatars in various social medias than they do to perfect their real life ones. They spend an unimaginable time in these portals and statistics say that they keep switching from one platform to the other. AR allows you to seamlessly integrate the world of marketing into personal space without any privacy issues being questioned. Instagram and Snapchat filters are merely the beginning of this revolution.

• In-Store Marketing: If you believe that augmented reality marketing is only made practical for the big names of the industries, you could not be further away from the truth. If done well then AR marketing strategies can dramatically increase the footfall in your local store. The use of localized promotion and creative stimulation combined with an interactive augmented reality app can lead the client directly into your door step is indeed enough to double your current customer count.

• Interaction: Even if we take away all the clever ideas and attractive strategies, Augmented Reality still has a big advantage over any other marketing technique brought to this date and that is direct interaction with the client and the real world. No piece of technology can ever boast this feature. Even AR’s older brethren – Virtual Reality (VR) still has its limitations; after all it is only simulating a virtual world and not merging the real physical realm.

• Content: Empowering your clients to add another dimension to the content they are already interacting way gives them a sense of control and makes it more immersive to the user. iBoson’s very own Unite AR does the same by allowing the client to express the content in their very own way.

Accessibility and Visualization are the two important factors of marketing that have yet to be perfected even in this 21st century. Augmented Reality companies and startups help bridge this gap. Even in our humble nation of India there as risen several augmented reality apps that are tailor made for the effective implementation or marketing of certain sectors.

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