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Augmented Reality Apps for Common Users

The best way to describe Augmented Reality is through the word ‘evolution’. This fascinating science has evolved beyond the realms of the world that we see and touch and have moved on to integrate the digital on to the physical. Augmented Reality Apps comes in the application of all sectors and they bring about near limitless possibilities, but in a nutshell they all superimpose the digital concepts on to the real world. Today let us check some of the best augmented reality apps for common users.

• Augment:

Augment is an app that is availableon both, iOS and Android. The AR app allows the user to view the products in 3D. This feature can be used to its full potential for any e-commerse website irrespective of the product that you are selling. The user has the full freedom to check the 360 angle of the product by rotating it. Several big shot names have adopted augment namely Nokia, Nestle and Coca Cola.


Real Strike is an AR app in the gaming genre that is currently being used only on iOS. It is a first person shooter that brings the real shooting experience on to your mobile or tablet. The app has several unique inbuilt features such as the opportunity to record their fights. The game also has a very immersive story line on top of the AR features. It is the first ever Augmented Reality First-Person-Shooting app and has been ranked 1st in U.S. and China.

• iOn Road:

iOn Road is an augmented driving app that helps the user with navigation tips on the road. The app makes use of the phone’s camera, GPS and other sensory mechanism to detect for oncoming traffic and keeps one safe from collision on the roads ahead. The app creates a warning both in sound and visual to alert us on the incoming traffic. It also has a feature where an image is clicked where you have parked so that you can easily find out your parking location.

• Dance Reality:

Dance Reality, like the name suggests is an AR app that allows you to pick up on your favourite dancing style with the assistance of a virtual mentor. It projects virtual steps to follow and also provides voice guidance. The users who have used the app rate it very high and assure that it gets the job done. Dance teachers however are not impressed.

• IKEA Place

IKEA Place is an app created by the Swedish furniture giants by a means for their potential clients to check out how a particular piece of furniture would fit into the room. The user has the freedom to change orientation as well as color using the app. It makes use of the smart phone camera and project the chosen furniture in its scaled dimensions on to the room.

• UniteAR:

UniteAR is an Augmented Reality platform designed to innovate. It gives the users the complete AR experience by incorporating the same into all walks of life and its main focus lying in print media, advertising and Entertainment. Users have the privilege of creating and expressing their own AR content to the best of their choosing and freedom.

Augmented Reality is a technology that assures to change the perception of smart phones and even our reality to a good extent. These apps enhance the smartphone’s ability to greater heights and soon the realms of sci-fi will be literally easily attainable in our hands. The world is ever growing and augmented reality is the next pillar of growth, those who understand this fact will reach the top much faster.

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