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Augmented Reality in the Education Sector | Augmented Reality apps for andoird

The traditional educational methods that we have grown accustomed to could soon disappear without a trace. Leading the charge against the age old traditions is the concept of Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality if successfully implemented would completely change and revolutionize the educational sector for the better. They would make each class or session more interactive and engaging. The students would be more involved and it would automatically increase their interest in the science. AR can be implemented for all subjects irrespective of their focus in theory or practical and can be directed from pre-school to graduate level. A very realistic approach to this would be through one’s smart phones. A smart phone is something that is now present in everyone’s hands and now education will no longer be confined to the limits of geography and time and the whole process of studying will be in a manner of speaking more ‘open’. Today let us discuss how AR would help in the process of education.

• Interactive Lessons:

When you convert your classroom to integrate AR features you are automatically capturing the attention of your students. The use of 3D digital models integrated into physical space would highlight any dull or boring topic. You can visit history locations, build a mathematical model of an atom that you can examine in detail, the complete workings of the human digestive system explained in fast forwarded version. In the event that a student does not understand a topic he merely scans the topic and listed in front of him could be tons of references and audio books that might help him more than the confines of a classroom.

• Skills Improvement:

Our beloved Earth has completed too many revolutions around the sun for the apex predator of the planet to survive purely on theoretical knowledge alone. Education itself is often described as passive. The ‘energy’ element is less and one needs to implement it in all his classes to be termed a good teacher. With the introduction of AR, this practice is almost guaranteed. The tutorial animations and visual graphics help in one grasping these much needed skills quite quickly.

• Modeling:

It is only human nature to understand something much more proficiently if we can touch and observe them; these sort of lessons stick in your head. There are several instances where you cannot reproduce this. Even physical objections would have its limitations but augmented reality has no such boundaries in this context. One can rotate, zoom in, change color and styles to ones preference to better grasp the knowledge. The subjects of geography and biology may no longer be thought of as difficult subjects.

• Anytime, Anywhere:

The biggest advantage of augmented reality is that the process of studying can be done anytime and anyplace. The need for books and other study materials also become obsolete with augmented reality apps being brought in the equation. Unlike AR’s older brethren – Virtual Reality (VR) one does not need special expensive equipment for this process either, so all the technology is readily available.

‘Efficiency’ and ‘Simplicity’ are the words of Gospel as far as technology is concerned and the implementation of Augmented Reality in the education sector aims to achieve that exact same thing. Pedagogy has changed very little compared to the ancient Gurukul system and it’s about high time it does. Several augmented reality companies and startups have already prepared augmented reality mobile apps for the very same purpose. In our South India a prominent such AR app is UniteAR, designed by iBoson Innovations Private Limited. It allows the user to express his views and content in the AR realm.


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