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Sectors That Are Going To Be Taken Over By Augmented Reality | Augmented Reality apps

Every passing week a new piece of technology pops up and promises to be the next big thing. A few weeks down the line and we come to learn that it was just another one hit wonder that created ripples of change for a short while but never meant to stay. The same was said about Augmented Reality (AR) during its inception and now several years down the line it is predicted that AR will completely revolutionize and even take over certain industries and sectors in its workings. Today let us discuss the different sectors which AR will soon take over and its many benefits of doing so:


If truth be told, the whole world was greeted with the idea of augmented reality only when Pokemon Go was released. Even though AR was present long before, it only became main stream with the release of this game and so quite naturally the game that had collected more revenue in 6 months than what Virtual Reality had managed in the past 2 years opened many a gaming eyes. The future of mobile gaming is nearly laid in stone with games and apps that make the user interact with the real world for the full experience. Augmented Reality will also be extremely useful in the world of e-sports where stats and analysis are overlaid for the viewer’s discretion.


The one thing that online shopping has not been able to completely integrate to its experience is the ‘interaction’ element. Even in this 21st century we still prefer trying out or holding the product before purchase especially when the price tag is high and with the successful implementation of augmented reality this will no longer be a worry. AR is the closest you can get without actually being present in person. Several brands and firms have already adopted the system and even in their physical store our outlet. The most popular among them include IKEA, LensKart and ToysRUs.


No longer will children dread going to school or frown upon their daily studies as the whole process of education is going to be extremely enjoyable for them. They would welcome the visual representations and 3D models of their lessons. Augmented Reality will not just be a means of making education more fun would assist leaps and tons in all branches of science. The workings of the human body, the activities of the Earth’s core, the interactions at subatomic level, the fusion process taking place within the sun could all be better explained if it could be represented right in front of their eyes where it is possible for the students to witness it from all angles and even zoom in.


An area that can make use of augmented reality’s immersive experience to its full potential would be the military sector. No matter how rigorous the training is or how much discipline you drill into them, you can never truly prepare them for the dangers they might encounter without actually recreating these scenarios. Placing soldiers in such scenarios where they themselves cannot distinguish between the true realities is something that is very easily possible with the current augmented reality tools available.

It needs to be said augmented reality in Gaming, augmented reality in retail, augmented reality in education and augmented reality in military are not only going to be the only sectors we hear about the radical changes that has been introduced by AR. An augmented reality startup in India that has amassed a lot of popularity in a very short time is iBoson and it’s equally popular augmented reality app – UniteAR that has its focus on print media, advertising and entertainment.

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