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Enhancing the In-Store Experience through Augmented Reality

If you ask anyone in the field of technological they would speak volumes of how Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing in the world because AR perfectly strikes the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The application or the functionalities that can be implemented by augmented reality in any sector is too much to be highlighted in a single article. The ‘cool factor’ that AR has, is comparable to none. It is this exact reason why no new technology will ever be able to compete with AR in the near future. Studies have shown that over 75% of the customers actually expect their favorite brands to integrate AR into their workings and over 50% of them are willing to pay more if AR is enacted into their shopping experience. It is under the light of these findings that several big shot names have assigned their R&D team with the task of incorporating the same into their products and services. Today let us take a look on some establishments that have adopted the AR experience into their physical stores.


Lacoste has introduced the LCST Lacoste AR mobile app that allows their potential clients to try out shoes virtually. You could use their app or have this experience from window displays or their in-store signage. You can try out different models without even having to bend down to untie your existing footwear.

American Apparel:

It is a clothing brand that incorporated augmented reality into their in-store mirrors. The customer would open the app, scan the cloth of his/her preference and can witness how it would look on them. They also have the option to change all the details including size and color. The app also provides them with search criteria with several filters.

Charlotte Tilbury:

A cosmetic retailer has installed ‘magic mirrors’ that would scan the customer’s face and display to them how their face would look when using ten of their brands product all under a minute. This will drastically reduce the time needed to try on these makeups before purchase.


They have adopted a virtual fitting room but the twist of the tale is that the product is placed outside their store and thereby the customers can see the reflection and can virtually try out different products without even stepping foot in the store.


They have created a digital playground in their very own store that is targeted at the kids where they can engage themselves in various AR experiences. Kids these days have started using tabs and mobile phones at a very tender age and therefore this process would not be the least bit complicated or difficult to figure out.


Lowe claims to be the very first retail application of indoor mapping using augmented reality. The app directs the customers to the location of each item on a list that can be entered into the app. Thereby reducing the need to waste time navigating a shop for small items. The app also assists in figuring out the measurements with respect to the image that has been clicked by their camera. This nifty feature is extremely useful when you want to fix something in your home.

The fundamental point that these retailers showcase is that even though through augmented reality one can experience all the benefits of shopping in the luxury of the customers’ home, they decided to also use augmented reality to help those who physically come to their store as well. They have not confined the many roles and applications of Augmented Reality in any way.

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