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Top Augmented Reality Apps In Health Care | Augmented Reality companies in Trivandrum

Augmented Reality is all set to take over all sectors of the world. It remains a truth that augmented reality will indeed make life extremely easily for humans irrespective of which field it gets implemented the most. Any sector that doesn’t make full use of AR will only fall behind in its efficiency. Statistics reveal that the successful incorporation of augmented reality in the field of health care will save double the lives as the present. Today let us check the top augmented reality apps in the field of health care.

• Google Glass:

Google’ pioneering wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display was made available to testers and developers back in the year 2013 and its milestone in the field of health care was achieved in the same year when medical professional Rafael Grossmann carried out the first ever live streamed operation using Google Glass. Apart from this feature Google glass has several other life saving features in built in it. For example the doctors can perform the surgery or keep eye contact with the patient while simultaneously receiving information about the respective complication of the procedure or patient. The device did not receive well in the mainstream market back in the day but is sure to make a rather impressive comeback soon.

• Brain Power:

Brain Power is another wearable technology powered by augmented reality. It was architected by a Massachusetts-based technology company that mainly focuses on the educational challenges of autism in children. The device would help the kids to better their social skills, language and their behaviour. It does these functions using very powerful data collection and analytic tools built in to the system and also by providing a positive feedback to the children. All these features can be customized to individual child’s specification and requirement.

• Eye Decide:

Eye Decide makes use of the camera display to simulate a patient’s vision so that the medical professional can better understand the impact of the situation or any complications that the patient might be suffering from. Eye Decide is the app child of Orca Health which is a Utah-based mobile software company that aims to bridge the gap between healthcare provider and patient.

• AccuVein:

Accuvein comes in the form of a handheld scanner which can accurately help display the arrangement of blood vessels on the surface of the skin. This effective visualization will be extremely helpful for infants, obese individuals and dark skinned patients for whom detection of the blood vessels and nerves are extremely difficult.

• VA-ST:

VA-ST combines a 3D camera with an in-built software and algorithm to better see people and objects around a legally blind individual. It should be noted that the device can only enhance vision to those who have some vision left but not to a completely blind individual. The device also allows the possibility to zoom in if needed and also has other features such as low light navigation and contrast amplification.

• UniteAR:

Unite AR is an augmented reality app that has been created by iBoson Innovations to express one’s views of the digital into the physical world. Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Organized and Neoteric, or ‘i-Boson’ (for short) Innovations Private Limited is one of the best emerging Augmented Reality Startups in India. UniteAR can proudly claim to be one of the handful AR apps in the whole of South India to be accepted and featured at the Le Futura at Dublin Tech Summit.


HoloAnatomy was designed by Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic who have partnered with Microsoft’s HoloLens to provide a never before insight of the human body. The app along with the device allows the user to see the internal circulatory and muscular system in a 3D holographic model.


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