Augmented Reality in Learning

24 Nov 2019

Augmented Reality for Education

Today we are witnessing a pioneering period where Augmented Reality has replaced the conventional learning process. Education is no more a classroom-based event with traditional lecturing. Augmented Reality has changed the way we process information and presentation of real-time data to provide more understanding with interaction. The presentation of the knowledge will be much better and polished with real-time interactive data. The educational system is going to be more effective with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

How Augmented Reality enabled learning is more effective?

Learning is the process of acquiring new information or modifying existing knowledge through different methods like listening, reading, writing and watching. In tradition classroom sessions, the learning is limited with only listening or writing, and the processing of the knowledge will be one dimensional. Multi-sensory learning enables students to think in multiple dimensions. Reading, writing, understanding, and observing will happen at the same time. The futuristic learning will make the students Doers, Thinkers and Creators.

How to create your own Augmented Reality?

It’s not that much difficult to start augmented reality. Mobile AR is something that is very much flourished within a short period. iBoson Innovations is one of Augmented Reality startup that is trying to extend and expand reality with their product UniteAR. Creating your AR campaign is a simplified process with UniteAR. It allows you to test the campaign then and there. There are student friendly packages for teachers, students, and academicians. Create your own augmented reality campaign for Learning and Education

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