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Augmented Reality in Automobile Sector | Augmented Reality apps for android

Even though the current Augmented Reality (AR) market is small in the present scenario, studies have shown that it is all set to sky rocket in the coming years and experts reveal that by 2020 all sectors would have adopted augmented reality in their marketing campaigns and business strategies. The same would hold true for the Automobile Industry as well. AR provides a whole new realm of visualization for the vehicular industry as a whole. Not to mention, no other major industry sector provides as much freedom for augmented reality to grow as the automotive sector does. The successful implementation of AR in the automotive sector will definitely have its presence felt in areas such as improve efficiency, safety, and durability.

Some of the noted means by which Augmented Reality can better the automobile sector are:


90% of the people who drive don’t know and more importantly do not care how their vehicle is manufactured and or its internal workings. Their focus is on the vehicle specifications, the technology that has been implemented and how well it handles in their hands. Through AR one can actually test drive their dream vehicle without actually being behind the wheels. The driver can experience the same feel as if he was driving the vehicle minus the tension of crashing the test drive vehicle and the nuisance of other drivers and pedestrians. It saves a lot of time and resource as one does not need to physically reach the car dealers and also saves the buyer the trouble of not getting tricked by the sly tongued salesmen that portray only the vehicle’s pros.

Once the purchase has been made, the next step where augmented reality can be made more useful is when the all the necessary data that a driver needs to be aware is displayed to him without him having to take his eyes off the road, preferably on the windshield and without this visualization blowing or hindering vision up front. AR can also be implemented to make aware of the other drivers and pedestrians the urgency of one’s needs. A display saying ‘Hospital’ or ‘Airport’ flashing over your car that can be seen by other drivers could avoid a lot of commotion. The numerical data of the proximity to another vehicle or object or a 360 vision of the vehicle can save lives. Augmented Reality is also the key to bridge the gap between driven cars and driver-less cars.


Instead of taking time to sleekly place all their models, brands and variants in the showroom with the apt lighting and perfect placement. One can simply open a digital showroom where all the above mentioned criteria are already completed and also provide more visitors as there is no turn by turn basis and they can view it in the luxury of their homes. Taking few steps back they are given the opportunity to make design changes before the manufacturing phase as they can make alterations quite easily and can get an accurate picture of how well it performs on different terrains. AR if implemented well will completely revolutionize the automobile sector and there will be drastic changes with respect to features, functionality, and price.

Most of the big shot names of the industry have already reveled glimpses of what the future holds and have also invested deeply for the same for their respective R&D departments. Augmented Reality companies in India have also taken huge strides in this market both domestically as well as internationally. Augmented Startups in Kerala such as UniteAR, designed by iBOSON are all set to create ripples of change in this aspect.

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