Latest Features of Augmented Reality in 2018

Even before the commons did, someone knew that Reality would become not enough in the course of time, you know. It was how technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were born — or at least their early prototypes. In the past five or six years, however, we have seen an unprecedented growth in the overall popularity and user-case scenarios of AR.

It is now used for business, advertisements and marketing, in wide variety of scenarios. And, each year, there are some trends that we can observe and analyze. If you happen to be working in some areas that require the use of Augmented Reality, you should check out these trends. As it happens, some of such trends are there in 2018 as well.

In this article, we have compiled the major Augmented Reality features of 2018. You may know some of these, but an overall & comprehensive idea is always better.

#1 AR Becomes the Standard

There was a time when dedicated smartphone apps were seen as something ultra-cool and innovative, you remember? Of course, every technology has this budding stage, where it’s attached to a set of stereotypes as well. Well, Augmented Reality is going to break that stereotype in 2018. It means that you will now have access to Augmented Reality-enabled apps and services.

The best example will be the live app created by IKEA. Using this app, people are able to find out how specific furniture materials looks at their home. In the same way, brands are going to use AR for a more interactive mode of promotion. AR has become so simple to be implemented that you can include it in the normal app as well. In other words, AR would become more of a standard in marketing, which is great.

#2 Wider Acceptance for AR

Even when we consider the last year, AR wasn’t adopted by a variety of industries. That, however, is going to change in 2018. It is a trend that even rare technologies are using AR for demonstrating their services and products in a better way. To get the idea here, Education is one of the areas that uses Augmented Reality on a regular basis. Now, things are different.

In the past months of this year, we have seen other industries taking up the perks of Augmented Reality. For instance, there are e-Commerce websites that let you order things easily. At the same time, there are apps like AR Ruler that let you use Augmented Reality for day-to-day needs as well. It basically means that core tech behind AR is being widely accepted, across industries.

#3 Major Brands and Latest Development

In case you haven’t noticed, the major tech brands have been developing a lot for the AR part. In case you just missed it, Apple announced in WWDC that the AR developments are going in full-swing. The company even showed technology that enables multiple devices to create a more immersive and interactive system of Augmented Elements.

The things are the same for other companies like Google and Facebook. This means two things mainly: one, common users will have better access to AR, since they are going to be included in the basic level. Two, the developer community will find it easy to develop things in AR as well as to launch something innovative. It’s to be noted that Apple also wants its developers working more on Augmented Reality now.

#4 A Big Way for Mobile AR Gaming

You know this already: Pokémon Go was one of the first games to revolutionize how people consider games built in Augmented Reality. But, that’s just the start. According to several reports, Niantic — the company to build Pokémon Go — does not want to stop there. The company is in its plans to set up an Augmented Map that covers the important parts of the world. And, that’s a huge step for AR Gaming.

The growth of AR Gaming also means that Gamification via AR would also become possible. It is to be noted that most of the mid-end and high-end devices are now being equipped with AR support. And, in order to leverage this, there are AR games from multiple categories too. For instance, AR Knightfall is one of the best AR games that bring a graphics-rich AR experience to almost any device.

#5 The Dawn of Mixed Reality

We cannot leave Mixed Reality when we are talking about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you know. While Augmented Reality puts an extra layer over the real world, there are times you need an immersive experience. More importantly, there are times when you need both immersion and augmented elements. It is where Mixed Reality comes in.

In case you haven’t heard, companies like Microsoft are working hard on blending AR and VR, so that they can bring an impressive Mixed Reality experience. While the developments are comparatively very slower, you will see some motion in 2018 for sure. And, that’s going to be something legendary for the overall path Augmented Reality has to go.

Wrapping Up

All these trends mean one simple thing: Augmented Reality would become an integral part of your life — be it a routine or something innovative. You would soon start measuring length via your smartphone cameras instead of using a traditional tape. And, for businesses, 2018 is the time to get the best out of AR, for all sorts of needs, including Promotion, Advertising and Marketing. Is your business there yet? Check out the superb AR Integration solutions from UniteAR to get started.


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