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Augmented Reality Companies from India

Anyone who can be even remotely called a ‘Tech Savvy’ or for that matter, have watched a lot of Sci-Fi movies would have been waiting for augmented reality technologies to reach the point where they’re no longer just a clumsy novelty but actually useful in day to day life and if you have the entrepreneur mindset a sure fire place to invest your hard-earned cash in. The technology that overlays digital information onto the viewer’s physical environment which has been quite heavily popularized by the likes of Pokémon GO is set to take the world by storm but one can’t truly say that it has not been a long time coming. Augmented reality, in truth goes much deeper than children’s games and teenager’s filters. It is a branch of the digital world in itself and is poised to boom in 2018 in India thanks to the recent developments of certain Augmented Reality Companies and Augmented Reality Apps from within the country. The future of AR is ready to be capitalized by the big guns starting with Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, and Snapchat Lens Studio. Today let us check out the Best Augmented Reality Companies from India:

1. iBoson Innovations:

: iBoson Innovations Private Limited is one of the best emerging Augmented Reality Companies in Kerala. Abbreviated for Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Organized and Neoteric, the firm is now synonymous for the words innovation and excellence. iBoson Innovations is among the handful of firms within South India that can proudly claim to have developed their very own product based on augmented reality. The product has also been featured at Le Futura at Dublin Tech summit. It was also listed in the 100 futuristic startups around the world as per a renowned Irish magazine.

2. Hyperlink Infosystem:

Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the best AR Development companies in India. It remains to this day the company to have developed the highest number of AR apps in the country. They have developed over 50 successful mobile apps on the Augmented Reality platforms which are available on Play Store.

3. Contus:

Contus is one of the Indian players in the augmented reality sector that has truly conceptualized the shopping and foodservice sector. Contus has made use of SDKs like Metaio, Vuforia, Craft for their dedicated full blow AR-only apps. They have now moved on to the advertising division after having more than 5 years of experience in AR space.

4. Xenium Digital:

Xenium Digital is an experiential marketing agency having its roots in Mumbai. They specialize in Interactive Advertising space to bring the respected brand alive with the help of user interface designs and innovative interactive technologies from the augmented reality sector.

5. INDE:

INDE has developed Augmented Reality experiences for Entertainment, Education and Marketing and their AR solutions ranges from mobile to large-screen with greater focus on high quality 3D. INDE aims to become the market leader for most, if not all commercially viable AR products. They currently operate in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Budapest and Los Angeles.

6. Zco Corporation:

Zco Corporation was founded in 1989 and having more than 25 years of experience serving well over 500 enterprise companies to small businesses they have also venture in to the realm of augmented reality. Zco is one of the best Augmented Reality development company in the country and is known to awe you with wonderful AR visualizations.

7. Ommzi:

Ommzi was established in the year 2013 and in a year’s time moved to the ‘gaming’ industry particularly mobile app gaming. Their focus on augmented reality is to take the games and utility apps that we are familiar with to very next level. Their undying dedication and working spirit have allowed them to grow in this field astoundingly.

8. iMOBDEV Technologies:

iMOBDEV Technologies has always strived to constantly provide Augmented reality Mobile app development to their many clienteles both domestic and abroad. Their works in the AR field have shown to improve overall work status, increase efficiency, effective fulfillment of tasks and drastically reduce errors.

9. Credencys Solution:

: Credencys Solutions envisioned creating the world’s most famed Augmented Reality Company and have associated with various organizations, covering start-ups to large-sized companies to achieve this task. They are renowned for developing immersive experiences to the clients by implementing AR the customers favorite brands and products.

10. Fueled

Fueled is acclaimed to provide their clients with high quality Augmented Reality applications mostly in the gaming sector. Their team of expert professionals who have deep rooted knowledge of the AR sector aims to develop innovative & interactive business applications for all business irrespective of their size.

2018 is the year that Augmented Reality will really take center stage into the social circle but unlike its brethren Virtual Reality we can assure immediate success to this already nearly accepted form of technology and in due time it will link seamlessly into our lives. I predict that by 2021 Augmented Reality products and services will be as common and fluent in the hands of the common people as smartphones are now in the present.


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