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Thanks to the simplified hardware and software, Augmented Reality development has been skyrocketing for the past couple of years. And, we are not just talking about developed nations like United States or UK. Even India, known for its developing label, now puts forward some noteworthy competition. Quite interestingly, most of them are startups, making some unique moves.

If you work in the Augmented Reality industry or want to implement AR in your field, you should know about the best augmented reality startups in India. Don’t go looking for all those — we have compiled a list of the top 5 AR startups you can count on. Of course, these startups are working on different areas within the big domain of AR, but they have something to offer.

#1 Yeppar

One of the popular Augmented Reality startups in India, Yeppar is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was founded in 2016 August and has since served customers across India and overseas. A B2B AR company, Yeppar wants to connect consumers and business owners using the technological prowess of Augmented Reality. It serves a lot of categories such as real-estate, branding, education, etc. It needs to be noted that Yeppar is not fully dedicated for AR, but they check out areas like Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. You should keep an eye on this startup, since it has had wonderful clients and projects in the period of past couple years. The start-up has done projects for brands like Chevrolet, Skoda etc.

#2 iBoson Innovations

iBoson Innovations is a Kerala-based start-up that wants to make Augmented Reality accessible for everyone. The firm has launched an Android app which is known as UniteAR, that lets consumers experience AR while allowing publishers full control over what is being presented. Unlike most of the other startups, iBoson Innovations wants to get into the commons. It offers affordable plans for users, which can be used to create AR content and publicize it. The consumers, on the other hand, can download the UniteAR app and enjoy the benefits. A group of people who are enthusiastic towards AR and AI, the company will also launch an iOS app soon. UniteAR is also offering dedicated solutions for Entertainment, Publishing and Advertising.

#3 FlippAR

FlippAR may be one of the many startups in Bangalore, but it promises something unique in AR development. The startup has been active in application development for around three years, but it’s now focusing on how to make Augmented Reality experience reachable for everyone. FlippAR aims to integrate AR into application development so that brands can serve their customers well. Since it has such an enhanced viewpoint, FlippAR is actually bringing development into areas like gaming as well. So, at the end of the day, if you happen to be an investor or a potential beneficiary of AR technology implementation, you should keep a tab on FlippAR, which is unlikely to let you down.

#4 PlayShifu

PlayShifu is an Indian startup that is targeting AR gaming development, especially for kids. The startup wants to develop AR games that offer a unique experience for children, at the same time offering the perks of the educational sector. In addition to different games based on facts, PlayShifu has also developed an interactive Globe that lets kids explore geography like never before. While other companies are trying to explore all the possibilities in corporate sector, PlayShifu wants to let the technology reach the upcoming generation — as early as possible. The company has received a lot of acclaims since the products are making education better for students and instructors alike.

#5 Scapic

Scapic is another Indian startup that is trying to make AR & VR content creation easier. The company was actually selected for T-Hub, meaning its powerful system. The startup is aimed at creating a platform where ultra-reality content can be easily made. It offers users fully-fledged design control and options to see what can be shown via AR and VR. It has to be noted that the company focuses on both AR and VR, in order to bring a mixed reality experience ahead. The company is looking forward to create a multipurpose model — which allows people from different industries to enjoy the perks. Scapic is still under beta, but the startup is something promising.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to include Indian Augmented Reality startups from different categories, although many of the firms are working on various areas. For instance, UniteAR seems to focus on all sorts of industries, whereas PlayShifu is made for educational needs. But, as we said earlier, when you are an investor or enthusiast, you cannot make choices in keeping an eye on these awesome teams.


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