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Augmented Reality In Health Care | Augmented Reality Companies in India

Any practised medical professional would tell you that at one point in human history, clinical decision making in the field of medicine had a certain degree of risks involved. The current high standard of medical practice came only after technology took over. The use of technology in every field of health care is very common. State of the art devices and algorithms have saved more lives than we care to give credit for. While it’s true that data processing and verification technologies are at the peak of medical science what is now lacking is for these data to be readily available to the physician in a way that he can better visualize the damage. The ideal piece of technology that can assist with this functionality will be augmented reality.

Ever since the introduction of Pokemon GO, the term Augmented Reality (AR) has become a household name. The truth however is that AR has been a long time researched branch of technology. Even in our humble nation there exist several augmented reality companies and startups. They have designed augmented reality apps for android and iOS that is adept to revolutionize the way we use our smart phones. Today let us witness the benefits of augmented reality in health care.

How AR Used In Health Care?

Imaging technology is one sector where augmented reality can be extremely useful. Imagine a neurologist who can visualize the 3D model of the brain which he can rotate and zoom in to figure out exactly what procedures to do. The complications of surgery get much simpler with the surgeons who can practise on the AR model first to study any complications that they might have overlooked. Any way you look at it it’s better to be present with a 3D model than a 2D representation that is available now. The future could even have artificial intelligence combine with augmented reality to virtually simulate the internal activities in the events of any anomalies. The entire medical records of a patient is now accessible via the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) which means that doctors have to occasionally turn themselves away from their patients. The introduction of AR into EMR solves this courtesy issue and no longer will doctors be called rude and arrogant simply based on their ‘view point’. A fully functioning and interactive AR system being installed at the emergency wing of the hospital could save double the lives than it does in the present. The doctors would be directed to the more critical cases and the instant scans could show the licensed practionier where the injury is and get the doctor to focus on the task at hand. In the case of administrating drugs, the AR system could alert the doctor on the possibility of allergies to the patient for specific drugs.

UniteAR is an augmented reality app that has been designed to express the clients’ views onto the physical reality by overlapping the digitally framed content into the real world. UniteAR can proudly claim to be one of the handful AR apps in the whole of South India to be accepted and featured at the Le Futura at Dublin Tech Summit. The app has its advantages and services extended into a multitude of sectors besides that of health care such as Advertising, Education and Marketing.

Augmented Reality is showing great promise in the health care sector and when fully incorporated, it could stand out as the single best piece of technology to have ever been designed for the medical sectors. Visionary research is being carried out in AR to treat patients with mental disorders. The most progressed in this field is to treat patients with OCD..

AR startups in India,augmented-reality-applications,-augmented-reality-companies,-ar-applications-for-android,-augmented-reality

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