Augmented Reality Training for the Manufacturing Industry

03 May 2022

Augmented reality has become a part of our new normal in the changing market trends and business needs. The physical presence of employees is no longer a mandatory norm since almost every industry started operating in work-from-home mode. There are industries like manufacturing that cannot avoid the physical presence of the workforce in many areas, including product development execution. AR can help in many ways, especially in the training phase. The different areas of training that can be augmented are onboarding training, equipment training, process training and safety training. All of these can be conducted in either hybrid or complete online with the aid of augmented reality.

Different types of AR enabled training solutions for manufacturing

Complex equipment training using AR

An AR-enabled training will allow trainees to view the 3D model of complex machinery in front of their table through their mobile devices. They can also view the different parts of the machinery in an animated mode, and they will be able to know how the machine is working. It will be more than just learning, the learners will get advanced knowledge about the pieces of equipment without even touching the machines, and they will also learn to assemble and troubleshoot.

Fire and safety training with AR

Keeping the employees safe is essential and mandatory. AR-enabled on-job training can assure safety. The topics like fire and safety training can be conducted through different types of augmented reality. Remote collaboration with object detection is a highly recommended solution for this. Fire and safety training modules can also be made using an AR enabled training manual, that is augmented with 360 degree contents, 3D models, text and necessary links to the references.

Why does the manufacturing industry need blended learning?

There is no one-stop solution for manufacturing training, but it will be easier, flexible, and convenient if multiple learning modalities can be combined to create a blended learning program with the aid of AR capabilities. This type of training can be operated in hybrid mode and that is a much safer and less expensive model. Augmented reality platforms like UniteAR provide all the features required for creating AR enabled training for the manufacturing industry, and no programming required at all.

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