Augmented Reality 2019-2020

24 Nov 2019

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the digital overlay on the top of real-world. Augmented Reality is no more a fancy word or gimmick. Every industry started integrating augmented reality to their consumer-centric applications. Especially in 2019, immense growth has been reported in terms of augmented reality users. Many small and medium companies are adopting augmented reality to their conventional advertising and marketing strategies. Most of the Universities have already recognized the potential of augmented reality in the curriculum and teaching. Creating an augmented reality experience is no more difficult. It's possible with your smartphone!

Historically, the early adopters of the latest technology were required to be technically skilled. Otherwise, they faced difficulties to use a technology-driven application or device. For example, just imagine the early users of television and personal computer. Fortunately, reality technologies have already crossed the road of the first launch troubles. Augmented Reality has developed a lot in terms of user experience and technology. The major changes in augmented reality sector are, the recent advancements in computer vision technology, increasing awareness, and integration of ar in consumer-centric applications

Create your own Augmented Reality without coding

UniteAR is one of the leading Augmented Reality SaaS platforms which lets the customer create their own Augmented Reality experience. UniteAR is powered by their own advanced computer vision technology, just like Vuforia. The completely automated system allows you to create your AR experience in just three clicks. It's absolutely free to start. The major sectors which may potentially beneficial from UniteAR are education, real estate, entertainment, advertising and industry 4.0. Any common user can try this application and explore their use cases.

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