How Augmented Reality is re-shaping the future of art

23 Dec 2021

Throughout history, artists have used art to speak and communicate with the masses. In art movements, the effects of sociopolitical context, regional disparities, and social friction are unavoidable. Artists have demonstrated variations as time has passed with each shifting era. The sketches of Ariel Screw by Davinci, among other things, are a great example of how the artists imagined the future. The digital age has transformed galleries, museums, and individual artists into interactive and informative displays. Augmented reality has become a playground for many artists in the Neo-Dada movement. The fifth level of the Museum of Modern Art on New York's fifth floor is turned into AR art by enthusiastic artists. The reformation AR could bring to art is fascinating to the artists.

Art beyond canvases

The world is slowly adapting to the new augmented reality era. AR enables the user to augment digitally created data in the real world. Using a mobile device, tablet, or head-mounted AR glasses, the user can experience the augmented content. The limitations of the canvas will become nonexistent with the introduction of augmented reality. AR will provide limitless power to artists to create art in any space, to use air as their canvas. The audience will see beyond the canvas in front of them, and they will be able to interact and engage with the art. The audience will choose where they want to experience the art. They will be able to experience art in an open field or the comfort of their own home. The BBC's "civilization" app allows users to supplement educational content in their living environment. Nat Geo has been experimenting with AR to give a one-of-a-kind experience to its audience.

Museums in China are using AR to enhance the experience of the audience. They have provided AR-powered glasses that navigate the people to the artifacts. It then gives information about the history and related facts of the item displayed. They are also encouraging more people to come to museums with AR games. It is a revolution for artists who embrace change and technology.

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