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Augmented Reality across Different Areas | AR applications

Augmented Reality (AR) is the process of overlaying digital information into the physical world in real time. The users can interact with this digital information to make their experience all the more immersive. The immense quick success of Pokemon Go has led to AR being more popular to the development of a wide variety of augmented reality applications. Today let us check some of the most popular apps based on each sector.

Augmented Reality in Games:

Pokemon Go: Undoubtedly the game that pops up in the minds of everyone when we say ‘augmented reality game’ is Pokemon Go. It makes us e of real physical environment to search and catch pokemon. The app has a worldwide download of 650 million and its daily active users are listed at 5 million, these are the figures after 6 months from its launch.

Augmented Reality in Browsers:

Argon4: Argon4 is a web browser that can display augmented reality content. It has an argon.js javascript framework that supports real time AR functionalities. It also allows the display of 3D models without the use of trackers. The browser is made available in both Android and iOS.

Augmented Reality in Content

UniteAR: UniteAR is the brain child of an augmented Reality company in India named Iboson. The app lets the users bring to the 3D realm all their views and content. The app mainly focuses on the sectors of print media, advertising and entertainment.

Augmented Reality in 3D:

Augment: Augment lets their users see products and objects in 3D in the real physical world. The app is a big hit for the manufacturers to easily connect with their target audience and business. The app is made available in both Android and iOS platform.

Augmented Reality in GPS:

GPS Compass Map 3D: The GPS Compass Map 3D displays a compass on your camera image and shows your current location on a separate map whose size can be varied and adjusted. The app also has integrated an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic field sensor with effective algorithm techniques for optimum user interface.

Augmented Reality in Education:

Human Anatomy Atlas: The human Anatomy atlas, like the name suggests is an app tailor made to teach students about the human body. As much as we can learn from text books and videos having to see the actual working right in front of eyes would be more immersive and a lot more fun.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare:

AccuVein: The app allows the doctors or medical professionals to easily identify the veins of the body. This app is extremely useful when treating obese or dark skinned individuals whose veins are harder to identify.

Augmented Reality in Automobile:

iMechanic: The iMechanic app is an automotive repair app that allows the user the privilege of having AR data overlaid on the physical engine to detect any hardware trouble. This app allows the user to pinpoint with immense precision where exactly the damage has occurred.

Thus it is pretty evident that all sectors have in one way or another been influenced by augmented reality and this trend is only going to continue. If the reports are anything to go by then by the beginning of the year 2021 80% of all brands and firms that are now present in the digital space will have an augmented reality app or have incorporated augmented reality into their existing one. The AR technology is the next big step for digital marketing without a doubt and all sectors will benefit from it one way or another. Augmented Reality Applications will be extremely common in the not so distant future and customizing them for one’s likeness is also a looming possibility.

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