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Mixed Reality in Windows 10 | Augmented Reality applications

One can claim without much debate that the next huge thing in technology is the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and what better to introduce it to the masses than to incept it into the operating system, which is exactly what Microsoft hopes to do in Windows 10 S operating system. During the Microsoft EDU event on May 2, Microsoft announced that they will incorporate augmented reality into Windows 10. They have decided to call it ‘Mixed Reality’ a very apt name considering it promises to bring 3D objects into the real world with the help of any device that is powered by a Windows 10 framework and has a camera attached to it.

Augmented Reality Applications

Windows offer a variety of augmented reality apps in its new mixed reality software such as

Mixed Reality Viewer: It allows the user to embed virtual objects onto existing images and videos

Story Remix: Similar to mixed reality viewer the story remix also allows easy incorporation of 3D objects into images and videos.

Paint 3D: It is the augmented reality version of our childhood favorite application paint which allows the creation of simple 3D objects.

3D Builder: It basically simplifies the whole process of making 3D designs. The main feature of the software is that you can perform this task without having any prior knowledge of the most widely and popularly used 3D designing software CAD.

Microsoft Mixed Reality also allows full incorporation of the renowned gaming software Unity for the advanced learners to try their hand in 2D and 3D game developing

Mixed Reality Headsets

For the user to experience the full AR & VR experience the need for proper head gear is a must but the current Windows Mixed Reality headsets doesn’t do justice but several other brands have released their versions and it didn’t take Microsoft long before associating with them. Let us take a quick look at the best ones available in the market.

• Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD

• Dell Visor

• HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

• Lenovo Explorer

• Samsung HMD Odyssey

• Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset

System Requirements

Microsoft has designed the software so that one does not need a high spec system to make use of its function

The basic spec to provide a 60 frames per second performance and for that you would need a system with an Intel Core i5-7200U processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM ,10GB of free disk space, an Intel HD Graphics 620 or DX12-capable GPU, and HDMI 1.4.

The spec to get you 90 frames per second would require a Intel Core i5 4590, quad core, 8GB of DDR3, 10GB of free disk space, and an Nvidia GTX 960/965M/1050 or AMD RX 460. This is to run the Windows Mixed Reality Ultra spec.

The Future

Mixed Reality by Microsoft will surely have a lot more people understanding about augmented reality and virtual reality. The misconception in many minds is that AR & VR are technology that is useful or designed especially for the gaming industry and many of the older generation see it as another ‘fun tool’ for the youth while in fact this could not be any further away from the truth. AR and VR have the potential to better the lives and working of nearly all sectors imaginable and the successful implementation of their prowess could even completely revolutionize certain sectors as a whole. Sectors such as military and entertainment could benefit tremendously while the education sector as we know it could change. It won’t be far before we accept augmented reality as a part of our life, the same way the internet and smart phones have been adopted.

AR apps,augmented reality applications,augmented reality apps,augmented reality apps for android,ar apps

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