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Augmented Reality in Military | Augmented Reality Apps

The term Augmented Reality in battle could mean something different to different people. If you are in the marketing field it could mean a literal competition in the marketing strategy; to a layman it could be your PokemonGo challenging you to a duel but the term battle can be taken into literal context in the military field. Augmented Reality in military is among the sector in which a huge amount is invested and is also the sector in which results are the most promising. The AR services and products for military are not restricted to the battlefield but also in their training procedures. Today let us discuss on the impact augmented reality has on the military sector.

Augmented Reality Applications

TAR - Tactical Augmented Reality: A technology that integrates GPS and geo-registration so as to allow the user to pinpoint their targets with near cent percent accuracy. It also provides a geographic coordinate based targeting system which is completely wire-less.

HUNTR – It stands for head Up Navigation, Tracking and Reporting. It makes use of split screen eyepiece that is connected to their weapons giving them the opportunity to see their target as well as what's behind them.

IVSE: It stands for Immersive Virtual Shipboard Environment that provides a virtual training for the soldiers to prepare them for the actual battles that lay ahead. Using Augmented Reality one can perfectly simulate a war-zone or a battlefield minus the actual dangers and damage.

Real Time Applications

Augmented Reality can pour in recon data and geo location information in real-time to the soldier’s display unit. The natural question that is going to be asked is wont all these new gimmicks and data increase the cognitive load of the wearer? The physical world is dynamic and complex, and to relay all this information to the wearer could inhibit one’s ability to complete the said task efficiently. Therefore AR has developed algorithms for filtering said information and also providing more clarity and reducing the number of choices that is available to them. Augmented Reality also sorts out a lot of information, without heavily relying on a relatively unreliable automatic source. Especially in the field of military and war AR helps assist in manageable action data. All these features are done in real time or a better way to put it is, only augmented reality can perform these functions which should be optimally done in real time.

Hardware Maintenance

Let us consider the scenario where a machine malfunctions in the front lines. The soldiers deployed may not have the technical knowhow on how to fix the problem and to bring a specialist into the heat of the battle purely for one specific task is madness to say the least but with the incorporation of augmented reality, the military personnel closest to the machine could get specific directives on how to fix the problem in his display unit and this task can save a lot of time and resources because instead of spending hours on training a specialist for each machinery they could merely explain the procedure to a soldier who has already gone through rigorous training regime and has acquired a large skill set that would allow him to pick up what is needed to operate the device rather quickly.


Right now I have merely scratched the surface of what AR could achieve and these are the technology that is already in practice. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that in the not so distant future we could find ourselves dealing with Robocop and Terminators. The sci-fi movies that we saw growing up could indeed be a reality by our next generation.

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