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Augmented Reality in Town Planning | Augmented Reality applications

The need to merge the physical world and the virtual world has been longstanding. The first visualizations of integrating digital content on the physical world was seen in cinematography in the 1950s, but in last decade or so this piece of technology has latched itself onto all the sectors and is all set to revolutionize the sectors as we know it. With the exponential development of the technologies available and augmented reality in particular, it’s most important to discover new innovative approaches in different branches. Urban planning is an area that has been relatively untouched by the above mentioned technological feats but holds immense potential for growth with the integration of augmented reality.

Benefits of AR in Town Planning

The primary problem that arises is the failure to involve the majority of the population in the development process and how a fierce debate could arise amongst them on the personal misunderstandings of how the new development will look like. But imagine the scenario where everyone can accurately view their new city to the tiniest of details and the tightest of angles including a 3D model plan, all of which is possible with the help of augmented reality. Another issue that arises is the limitations of the currently popular GPS and inertial sensors. GPS’s accuracy is limited to open spaces and it deteriorates significantly as it gets more congested and inertial sensors are very prone to magnetic disturbances that are always at a rise in urban areas. In the light of these events it’s the right time for augmented reality to step in and save the day.


Augmented Reality can create a geometrically accurate composite of the real world in the virtual reality and this model alone is enough to substitute several page long documentations and sketches of the layout that can only be understood by the learned eyes. With the successful implementation of AR one can merely go to the sit, flip open his smart phone and have the plans and model ready for use. That's the promise of augmented reality planning tools.

Augmented Reality Applications

Several augmented reality apps has been introduced for the purpose but the most promising among them is the one introduced by VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland that have designed an augmented reality app for android that has been used for the development of the Kämp Tower, planned for Jätkäsaari in Helsinki, and a hotel in the nearby Billnäs ironworks area. VTT is now working for an upgrade to their software that would let the public vote in the comforts of their home during the several stages of development and it could do away with the need for public meetings as a whole.

The benefits of Augmented Reality can be widely seen in the real estate sector. To know more about how augmented reality can be made useful and practical in the real estate sector click on the site below:

Augmented Reality In Real Estate


Further explanation of how the tourism sector will benefit from this need not be mentioned. No longer will tourist have to have their hands full with large maps nor do they have to be worried about finding the direction from the locals without speaking the native tongue in the respected provinces. They can just stroll through the cities with the complete landscape available in 3D models present in their smartphones.


The successful implementation of augmented reality in town planning would mean that a lot of financial resources can be economized before constructions works are started and everyone associated in the project past, present and future can understand it at any stage or point in its construction.

AR apps,augmented reality applications,augmented reality apps,augmented reality apps for android,ar apps

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