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Augmented Reality’s Tryst with Gaming | Augmented Reality applications

It comes as no surprise that augmented reality (AR) was introduced to the world wide audience through the game – Pokemon GO which crossed 650 million downloads in the first six months alone. Those who have even slightly scratched the surface of the current technological advancements would know that augmented reality is the future for all sectors and industries and by the end of 2021 it has been predicted that 80% of all the brands and firms that exist in the digital world would have incorporated augmented reality into their functioning in one form or another. While it’s true that AR would take under its wing all known fields it would have a special place in its heart for the gaming industry. Today let us discuss this technological relationship between augmented reality and the gaming sector.

History of Augmented Reality and Gaming

The earlier sparks between the two started with consoles like the PlayStation and Wii which offered the first ever augmented games. The gaming sector of course first had a fling with AR’s older brother Virtual Reality (VR) by making use of head gear and other hardware but the gaming industry was quick to understand that VR is high maintenance and that relation was very short lived.

Augmented Reality Applications

The ever increasing popularity of smart phones and other hand held devices has catapulted the number of AR games that are made available in the mobile devices. We have already mentioned how big a success Pokemon Go was and that is just the beginning. Anyone who has played the game would know the potential for what it could have been is vast and that is just a game where the complexity and in game mechanism is very less.

Top Augmented Reality Apps

• Pokemon GO: It is a geolocation game, where one can catch, train and battle with digitally created pets with real time interactions. Of course you are all aware of the concept of Pokemon Go and no further explanations is necessary.

• Ingress: Ingress is the brain child of Niantic Studio, the makers of Pokemon GO as well. The game was launched back in 2012 and is still quite popular. You have to choose from two factions and capture the digital game elements that is present in your city and ensure the other team doesn’t win.

• Parallel Mafia: This augmented reality game gives the user to simulate what it feels to be an actual mafia boss and also provides a huge choice of entertainment at your disposal.

Market Analysis

Studies show that the augmented reality market in gaming is expected to churn out a staggering 280 Billion US Dollars by 2023. Its expected rise from 2018 -2023 is to be a whopping 150%. AR will be adopted and integrated into existing gaming technology not to mention new models will also arise especially in the mobile app sector.

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