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Top Tools to Build Augmented Reality Applications | AR Apps

For many the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) is still limited to the field of Entertainment as it was first incepted into the mass thanks to the popular game – Pokemon Go. A good large amount of the population believe that AR can only influence the entertainment sector but I can assure you that is far from the truth. Even as we speak augmented reality aims to revolutionize most of the known sectors of the world. If names have to be mentioned then the areas where the most prominent changes are to occur would be

• Gaming

• HealthCare

• Military

• Education

The way we perceive these sectors are set to change and they are going to be drastic changes. Other areas that are going to greatly benefit from augmented reality includes:

• Marketing

• Retail

• E-Commerce

The one thing that is going to common for all the above mentioned sectors is that they would heavily invest in mobile apps and this knowledge is not new because many of you would be reading this through your smartphones which I must add many have in pairs now-a-days; one for personal use and the other for their professional needs. With smartphones completely taken over the world mobile apps is indeed the next logical step. Today let us check out the top tools to create an augmented reality app.


Vuforia is one of the most popular and leading augmented reality application development tools in the planet. Their popularity is because they offer a wide array of features including creating a 3D geometric map of any environment using its Smart terrain feature. It also gives the user the privilege of turning any and all static images into full motion dynamic video that can even be played directly on a target surface. It also has its own ‘VuMark’ which is a better version of the QR code that we are all familiar with. It also uniquely identifies and recognizes multiple different objects and content.


ARToolKit is another famous open-source tool to create augmented reality applications. Some of its abundant features include automatic camera calibration and the fact that it supports both single and dual camera. It also integrates GPS and compass and even incorporates real-time applications as well. It provides Unity3D and OpenSceneGraph Support. The tool supports multiple language and can easily be integrated with smart glasses and other display hardware.

Google ARCore:

Google ARCore has two millions active Android users. It provides a host of surreal features such as light estimation, motion tracking and environmental understanding. These features are not exclusive to the Google ARCore but no tool can compete at the moment with the perfection that these features provide. Right now a plethora of hand held devices supports this tool, the prominent among them include Google Pixel ( 1& 2), Samsung Galaxy S7 and above, One Plus 5 and abve.

Apple ARKit:

We couldn’t possibly discuss revolutionary tools without talking about the famous Apple and its Apple ARKit which is Apple’s augmented reality SDK for iOS which was first announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2017. Even though it has only been a year the features they have incorporated includes robust face tracking, light estimation, Visual Inertial Odometry and an immersive detection and integration with 2D objects.


It is needless to say that several augmented reality applications and augmented reality apps have emerged in a very short time and this trend is only likely to continue with most of the population carrying around at least a pair of smart phones in their pockets. With augmented reality companies and augmented reality startups in India at a rise, the future looks bright and augmented.

augmented reality applications,augmented reality apps,augmented reality apps for android,ar apps

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