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Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality apps

In the world of technology two promising aspects are being heavily debated on namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) mainly because their applications are near limitless in the different fields. Both AR and VR are gaining widespread attention and for all the right reasons. Both these revolutionary concepts are growing at a tremendous rate. The sheer number of augmented reality and virtual reality companies in India are on an increase. It is believed that the combined revenue of both AR and VR in the year 2021 is expected to reach a staggering 120 Billion US Dollars.

The Basics

Virtual Reality: VR is a simulation of an environment. Using respective head gear we get transported to the great wall, the Mariana trench, Hogwards or Gotham City. It creates a new world and allows us to perceive it as if we were really present in it.

Augmented Reality: AR is overlaying digital information on to the real world. Using augmented reality apps one can visualize how it will be if pokemons and minions existed in our physical world and if we interact with them.

The Difference

Virtual Reality creates a world for its users through a head display while Augmented Reality prefers its users to view the real world in a different way by integrating it with a digital components and aspects. It’s not always a case about AR vs VR either; true immersive technology that both these technologies strive for can only be gained by their mutual cooperation. While its true that alone they open up whole new worlds and untapped aspects in the real world, together they aim to create a whole lot more.

The Present

Both VR and AR are used extensively in many fields.

Health Care: Augmented Reality allows the doctors to better find the veins of obese and dark skinned people. It can provide better vision to those who developed blurred or fragmented vision at a later stage in time. While VR would allow doctors to operate on patients while being miles apart through head gear that would provide them as much information as being there in present.

Military: The main application for both VR and AR in the field of military would be simulation training but in different ways. While AR could simulate the actual battle field and allow the soldiers to hone their skills and reactions in the physical environment, VR would be more useful in providing flight simulation trainings and naval tactics.

Entertainment: The area where the battle between AR & VR are at its peak. If it was Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii that introduced VR to its buyers and while they were riding on its success inevitably came Pokemon GO that introduced AR to the whole world and managed to have 600 million downloads in the first 6 months alone. It is only natural that a sector that specializes in giving its buyers an out of the world experience would make use of the technology that best does this function in VR and AR.

Education: A sector that is all set to be revolutionized by VR & AR. The successful implementation of these technology would mean that education will seize to be boring and repetitive. AR can help you visualize how exactly the human body works and what are the activities that are happening inside a cell and VR could get you to the stars to better understand the constellations and near a volcano to see how the process effects the geography of the place.

Likewise all sectors have started tapping into VR and AR and in a short while will get used to it and not before long we wouldn’t be able to imagine how it was before their complete integration to these areas.

AR apps,augmented reality applications,augmented reality apps,augmented reality apps for android,augmented reality applications

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