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Future of Augmented Reality in India | augmented reality applications in india

Anyone who is even the slightest bit involved in the upcoming technological advancements of our blue earth would know that Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big prelation. Similar to the I.T boom in the 2000s and similar to the fact that everyone has a smart phone in their possession, AR is also all set to join their ranks and reach out to all sectors. Many believe that augmented reality has taken its origin from the popular Pokemon GO game but in fact this technology was present decades before. Pokemon GO just credits itself in popularizing the technology to the mass. With its introduction however, all sectors started visualizing how their industries would benefit from this and every prominent name in every business has invested heavily on incorporating AR to their business and or services. The perfect implementation of augmented reality into several sectors could indeed revolutionize them to the better. No longer would studying be boring nor would the army personnel be forced to go through rigorous pain inflicting regimes or training nor would the builders have no idea on what their construction would like, all of this would change when AR takes over. Just as the day without smartphones seems forever ago we will soon reach the time where AR was a part and parcel of our daily routine.

Augmented Reality in India

India is the leading sourcing destination in the global sourcing market. Our humble nation accounts for approximately 55% market share of the 185-190 billion U.S Dollar sourcing business in 2017-18. We have also set up well over 1,000 global delivery centers across 80 countries all over the world. This number shouldn’t be surprising as 75% of global digital talent is present in our country. And while we have traditionally only welcomed new technologies, this time around we have drawn inspiration from them and the startup scene in India is promisingly picking up pace. Several Augmented Reality Startups and augmented reality apps have gained widespread popularity in India. With the proper technical & business guidance and enabling more promising entrepreneurs to develop on this interesting technology we are looking forward to a bright future. Today let us check out the changes that are to unfold in the seventh largest country in the world.

Smartphone Integration: It is almost assured that AR influenced handheld devices will become most common. Especially to the typical Indian who treats his phone as their primary necessity. The current generation use their smart phones to perform most daily tasks and AR will just make this process a whole lot simpler to execute and understand in general. The smartphone camera will serve as the primary interface and every sector will base their augmented reality applications through this underlying fact.

Entertainment Sector: There are lots of examples in the entertainment world of augmented reality that we take for granted. While watching your favorite team play, the data and statistics that pop up towards the side is a typical example of AR that we fail to realize. You ask a young gamer what he wants for his birthday, the answer would swing somewhere around an AR game that he can experience. Similarly AR provides an immersive touch to the gaming industry that is quite unparalleled by any console or piece of technology that had existed earlier.

Retail: If you thought buying items online was the epitome of e-commerse you surely did not think about the only drawback of this system which is that you cant try out the product. With augmented reality even this is taken care of. LensKart allows their customer to try out their selected spectacles before purchase and IKEA offers to place their products in your homes to see if it is ideal.

Production and Maintenance: The successful implementation of AR would mean the total cost of production would decrease considerably, not to mention errors that occur during different stages of production would be minimized and can even be completely done away with. Maintenance and repair would be a whole lot simpler with live instructions and data overlaying on how to fix the issue and which part needs replacement. The need for skilled laborers for even the tiniest chore is no longer present.

Architecture and Infrastructure: No longer will the lay man be forced to make head and tales of how the proposed building will look like from complex plans and CAD drawings that can only be completely understood by the learned eyes. AR can even be extremely useful in entire town planning and extremely beneficial to the tourism industry as well.


It stands to be said that augmented reality empowers all sectors from entertainment to education and healthcare to commerce. The future of AR in India is one that will truly revolutionize the way we perceive the country.

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