Augmented Reality for Museums and Art Galleries

15 Jul 2021

Augmented Reality can bring a whole new level of immersive experience to museums. At this age of pandemic, most people are hesitant to visit entertainment spots or museums. AR-enabled versions of the physical museums can be introduced to the audiences with just a web link or QR code. People can bring those historical events or monuments to their living space or bedroom with just a scan. Any generation would be able to learn and traverse through time with the help of technologies like augmented reality.

How to create AR experience for museums and art galleries?

You can augment museums and art galleries in a few steps, and it does not require any kind of programming. UniteAR is completely a “Do-it-Yourself” platform. You can augment any artworks or museums in few steps and UniteAR's AR creator is 100% design friendly, please follow the steps

  • Login to unitear.com and choose image based editor

  • Choose either image detection or image detection with QR

  • Upload the images of the paintings, monuments, historical events, and anything similar in JPEG or PNG format

  • You can augment the image with any type of digital contents like video, 3D model, 360 degree content, or GIF

  • You can save and test the experience with AR App or Web link

Benefits of using UniteAR in Museum and Art galleries

Augmented reality is getting explored by various industries, especially in the art and museum sector. There are different AR platforms available in the market, but you may have to do programming or hire a programmer to enable AR experiences or develop a custom augmented reality App. UniteAR lets you create entirely white-labeled AR Apps for your exhibitions or events in just a few minutes with no coding, and it is affordable.

Here are few benefits of using UniteAR into Art and museum industry

  • Exhibitions turns to a ‘new age digital exploration and creative visualization’ using 3D models, videos and 360 degree contents

  • It’s highly cost effective and no machineries involved, just a smartphone is enough

  • AR integrated exhibitions can be made in both physical and virtual spaces

21st century Museums and Art Galleries

Art and Museums are an essential part of the human race, where we can go back and explore the transformations, growth, inventions, thoughts, creativity, and the footprints of our historical leaders. Augmenting art and museums can blend history with current-age thoughts and imaginations with interactive digital elements. Then the exhibitions can become an everlasting visual experience in the audience's minds.

UniteAR starts with simple pricing that is affordable for individual artists and larger museums or event organizations, and it is a completely user friendly platform. UniteAR is already being explored by customers from more than 75 countries.

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