Augmented Reality for Print Media

21 Nov 2019

Why switching of print industry to digital is not a good option?

Print Media is the most traditional form of mass communication, it consists News Papers, Magazines, Flyers, Posters, and different types of printed graphic materials. We cannot imagine the word “Print” without “Paper”. Paper was invented around 100 BC in China, by a government official named Ts’ai Lun. In the digital revolution, print industry has faced challenges in terms of growth and retention. Many of the industry leaders launched a digital version of their Newspaper, and Magazine but this will not going to help the industry for a longer period. The technology is changing within no time, and the mind-set of the readers also changing. Especially the Millennials. They don’t spend much time on anything and anywhere, they need information quickly, in an interactive mode but they think better than previous generations. This would be a major challenge for the print media. Print industry is not required to switch into digital, they can do better with Augmented Reality. While print and reading is the part of human history and evolution, the industries involved with the same can retain it by integrating with technology. In order to integrate with Augmented Reality, they don’t need to switch completely to digital, and they don’t need to change anything.

How Augmented Reality is bridging the gap between Print and Digital Medias?

Literacy is the basic requirement for Print Media, while an illiterate person can understand information through Digital Media. Both of them use digital contents, but the difference is that digital media go for video and animated content. Print Media has the limitation to use only images and text, in a printed format. What if could turn like the interactive newspaper in the movie Harry Potter!. Only requirement for the user is their smartphone, and which already with majority of the population. Print Media can re-use the same contents which they are using in their digital version, and more people will be attracted to print media if it could turn an interactive form. The possibilities are unlimited, apart from sharing information, it would be a brand-new way of advertising. The users don’t need to find amazon or other e-commerce apps to buy a product, it can be done then and there in just a scan.

How to integrate Augmented Reality to Print Media?

Being the ancient and traditional leaders in the industry, Print Media Industry leaders are finding the switching is difficult. The real fact is that, they don’t need to change anything. Augmented Reality Technology has grown beyond the imagination. Enterprises and End users are not required to understand or learn about the technology, no need to have a technical team also. Augmented Reality Experiences can be created within few clicks by just drag and drop, all that required is digital contents. UniteAR is one of the leading Augmented Reality Platform which is already having a customer base from around 55 countries across the globe. UniteAR allows the user to create AR Experience without coding, all types of contents including animated, 3D models, Gif and 360 degree are supported. Signup today to create your first AR Project

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