Augmented Reality for Schools

16 Jun 2020

Interactive learning with augmented reality

The process of conventional learning is soon going gaga with the emergence of augmented reality, the promising technology for the future. Augmented reality for education has the potential to change the timing and location of learning. It introduces the best and novel methodologies of teaching which makes the classes more engaging and informative. Students can enjoy the transformation of 2D images to interactive 3D models on the digital screens. The technology of amalgamating smartphones and augmented reality for schools is huge, but in many ways, it ensures additional digital information on any subject transforming the complex information much easier to perceive.

Augmented reality for classrooms

The involvement of augmented reality in classrooms supports the textbook material and contributes to the new dimensions of education. It replaces the traditional approach of teaching by introducing innovative illustrations of complex concepts. In an AR classroom, the students can scan certain elements from a book and receive a text, video, audio or any other useful information from the teachers. For instance, some historical information about certain events or places, fun facts, visual 3D models would help students in attaining a wider perspective of topics. This makes every abstract content easier to understand.

Any image that a teacher or student captures can be linked to the online content which appears in a floating window whenever the particular image is scanned. Teachers can create and assign the lessons via a web-based dashboard and later the students can use this platform to create the scenes. The teachers can also come up with interactive puzzles or quizzes for the students to make this discovery and learning process much more exciting. Despite the advancements of AR in many sectors, augmented reality learning assures new tools to the students to visualize subjects, complex concepts and enable them to acquire the practical skills. Let’s together explore the new horizons of teaching and learning with our advanced AR App creator at Unite AR.

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