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Augmented Reality in Civil Engineering | AR apps

The very first use of Augmented Realty (AR) and augmented reality applications dates back all the way to the 1950s where it was first used as stimulators. The technology that allows superimposition of virtual data onto the real world reached mainstream in the 1990s when the very first virtual first-down lines where introduced in live football matches on television.

Augmented Reality Market

AR has been predicted to reach a potential of 2 Billion US Dollars by the end of 2018 and this figure is expected to rise to a staggering 120 Billion US Dollars by the year 2020. Many still believe augmented reality to be a game changer in the gaming sector alone. This line of thought has risen from the fact that they were first made aware of the existence of such technology through the renowned and widely popular game – Pokemon GO but this in fact is as far away from the truth as possible as now every major brand and firm in every single sector has already invested heavily in augmented reality as it has the potential to uplift the sector as a whole. Industries such as education, healthcare, military, retail and many more are bound to see some drastic changes in the near future. Today let us check of how augmented reality can be made useful in the field of Civil Engineering

Effective Translations The most important feature augmented reality can bring into the field of civil engineering is that it can assist in the translation of the building plans. The plans of a building can only be truly understood by someone who has actually learned of this and to the layman it would not make much sense but a 3D model of how the building is expected to look at different stages can be clearly interpreted to all personnel involved.

Error Correction One is more likely to make an error while designing a 3D structure on a 2D plane rather than when he is doing the same in 3D itself. The successful implementation of AR will lead to a more flawless design and it will also assist in eliminating any errors that creep up during the several stages of construction.

Better DesignLike I said above, it’s far simpler to come up with a design when you can visually see it and mould it to your liking than when you have to pin down your thoughts onto a paper or a CAD screen. The technology aims to bring about more innovative and unique design to the world.

Marketing StrategyThe 21st century has reached a point where only through effective marketing can you possibly get your products across. Even if you are selling the elixir of life or waters from the fountain of youth, people will only buy them if they get to know them. Similarly you could have designed the most beautiful and structurally integral building ever known to mankind but would do you no use without it reaching your targeted audience. This is where AR comes, it helps showcase your extraordinary architecture and innate interior designs in a manner that can be understood by any mortal and an AR Virtual tour is truly the next step of marketing.

Cost EffectiveFrom all the above factors it is pretty evident that AR will assist in cost reduction at many phases. From saving materials and space to effectively marketing of your product, AR cuts down on costs at different stages that would have rounded up to a huge amount at the end.

Augmented Reality is not applicable to just a single building but to whole cities and towns as well. To know more about how Augmented Reality can assist in town planning, click on the link below

Augmented Reality In Town Planing

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