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Augmented Reality in Manufacturing | AR apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is now synonym for the word revolutionary as it now paves way to change the structures as we know it of sectors and industries as a whole. Today let us check of how its effects reach the manufacturing sector.

Efficiency: The manufacturing of individual machinery needs its own training which would take up a lot of time and resources. With the introduction of augmented reality a capable engineer could perform the duties as the process becomes a whole lot simpler with digital data and images overlaying during work to show exactly how the process is done. Therefore the instructions of assembly and rendering become less complex.

Showcase Problems:A error free manufacturing plant is only the stuff of dreams and in a real world scenario errors and flaws occur at several stages and the reason why tiny problems escalate to grievous mistakes is due to lack of communication. Either the personnel at work force will not comprehend the altitude of the error or the manager up top fails to understand the severeness of the issue. Both of which can be rectified if a working model can be shown to both of them and each identifies and make amends promptly. This showcasing is much better with augmented reality incorporation.

Spec Analysis:The successful implementation of Augmented Reality would mean that service engineers and quality analysts could come to the finished product and with the flip of their smartphone can identify the entirety of a container and what all has been included. They will have direct access to the data, specs and inventory present.

Augmented Reality Applications


Microsoft’s Holo Lens is often considered the mother of all augmented reality apps as it offers a wide range of features in the augmented reality sector. In manufacturing the device is extensively used by thyssenkrupp overlays a high definition hologram onto the real world to get all the data and thereby it is possible to make quick decisions in real time.

The world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners Boeing has made use of augmented reality in their process by making use of Google Glass and Skylight software for their manufacturing process. The personnel involved now receive instructions on fixing the various bugs and issues directly to their Google glass, rather than through complex charts and tables which according to Boeing’s own reports have saved them over 25% time in the wiring process and the error rates have reached nil.

One of the giants in automobile – Jaguar Land Rover has integrated an AR training app for their new employees so that the whole process of reinstalling dashboards can be perfected without having to remove and re-establish it once again. Their association with Bosch and Re’flect has allowed for this process to be possible.

Another automobile giant – Porsche has moved in yet another direction as far as augmented reality is concerned which is to obtain precise data of their components and assist in the company’s quality centre. Quality improvement is what Porsche aims to accomplish from AR. A truly difficult but extremely rewarding task.

Caterpillar on the other hand has successfully completed an AR project that is used for machine maintenance tasks. Their own pilot venture has been deemed extremely useful for the technicians that perform service and maintenance checks. It also assists new staff on their duties and helps ease the transitions. Augmented Reality is not a technology that is useful in the production level it paves new doors in the retail sector as well. Check out the link below to find out how augmented reality enhances the in-store experience as well. Enhancing the In-Store Experience through Augmented Reality

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