Augmented Reality in Retail

24 Nov 2019

Augmented Reality is in an early adoption stage by many sectors and SMB's. Retail is one of the industries that is going to be beneficial with augmented reality integration. In retail, customers are directly interacting with the products. Augmented Reality can make this customer experience to an extended multi-sensory experience. Customers can see in real time how the product is going to fit with their requirements before they buy it. There are many apps like Ikea, the furniture retailer. UniteAR is one of the augmented reality platforms that help customers to create augmented reality experience.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Retail

The frequent changes in customer's interest in products are the biggest challenge in marketing. The rise in technology and trends influence customers a lot. Augmented Reality helps retailers to fight back with those challenges by planning their marketing campaigns with augmented reality. The use of different content types and modes works well. For example, the retailer can show the branding video, an interactive 3D model of the product, 360-degree video of the product, and many more. The retailers must choose the right platform which provides the content flexibility. Interactive user experience helps the retail companies to increase customer retention.

How Augmented Reality helps the retail customers in decision making

Over the last 20 years, there was a drastic shift in retail and customers. The increased use of technology is something that influences the customers in decision making. As per the statistics, 4.6 billion smartphone users are there in the world and Smartphone Augmented Reality experience has shown tremendous growth in recent years. More than 60% of the customers use mobile phones to search product related information, price comparison, and related things while they are in a retail shop to purchase a product. Retailers cannot make the customers satisfy or retain without going in hand with futuristic technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. Augmented Reality has the highest accessibility, and it can take the retail shopping experience beyond imagination.

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