Augmented Reality Marketing

24 Nov 2019

How AR is Reshaping Experiences?

Augmented Reality is a creative approach to connecting and engage customers. Augmented Reality has shown considerable growth in recent years, and it's no more a future tech. Many marketing agencies already started integrating AR to their campaigns.

Augmented Reality can provide interactivity to traditional ads, with live data and creative contents. That can make a huge difference the way it connects and communicates with the customer. Print, digital or television ads can go in hand with an integrated marketing campaign powered by augmented reality. The worldwide spending on digital advertising and marketing is expected to reach $335 billion by 2020. Still, the advertising struggles to attain maximum ROI (Return on investment).

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Story telling and Socialization with Augmented Reality

To convey a concept of an ad requires time, cost, people, and the intensity will be different based on the market and type of ad. Socialization and instant reaction is not possible with traditional marketing tools, that includes print, television ads, and even video advertising.

Augmented Reality enables immense socialization and interaction possibilities for marketing. Telling a story is much easier with multiple digital contents. For example, the 3D model, video, images, and 360-degree contents can be enabled in single or multiple ads.

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Enabling 3-Dimensional Thinking

Most of the marketing and advertising campaigns are happening in a 2-dimensional environment. The consumers will take a lot of decision-making time while they are watching an advertisement from a 2-dimensional perspective, whether it is digital or print. Augmented Reality opens up a wide range of possibilities in a third dimension. Augmented Reality enables customers to take instant actions like the purchase or trial.

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