AR Platforms for Enterprises

02 Mar 2020

Introduction to AR Platforms

Augmented Reality diminishes the gap between real-world and digitally created inter-activeness. In other words, AR makes you interact with digital objects, it can be anything ranges from a simple image and a complex animation.It was not that simple to create an AR experience until code-less platforms are being introduced. The non-coders also learned hard-coding to create AR Apps, just for the experience.Here, we're discussing what code-less augmented reality platforms do and how it simplifies the process.

How Augmented Reality Platforms really works?

Unlike other SaaS Platforms, Augmented Reality Platforms are slightly different the way it works. There are augmented reality platforms that require some sort of programming expertise and recently launched AR Platforms are mostly required no coding exposure. UniteAR is one of the leading Augmented Platforms which enables users to create AR experiences without any kind of programming. The platforms like Vuforia and Wikitude are computer vision platforms but collectively called Augmented Reality Platform. The user must have very good programming exposure to use the mentioned platforms.Developers are the target community for Wikitude and Vuforia. UniteAR is a simplified Augmented Reality Platform that can be used by anyone with basic computer literacy. The user does not require to learn any programming language.

How AR Platforms help industries to grow?

Augmented Reality is still an unexplored galaxy. Enterprises are going to benefit the most from AR. For them, what they require is a cost-efficient, faster AR creation tool. UniteAR does what industries require, the possibility to create multiple projects at a single instance with any type of digital content in a faster manner. In addition to that, experiencing AR with and without App. The users can choose the type of experience as per their industry and usage. UniteAR provides flexible pricing and free trials. Start your first Augmented Reality project

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