Industrial Use Cases of Augmented Reality

06 Mar 2020

Augmented Reality Market Potential

Augmented Reality is emerging as one of the leading industries of the tech economy. As per the latest predictions, Augmented Reality market is expected to reach more than $110 billion by 2021. North America is predicted to hold the largest share of Augmented Reality with the leading industries and players. Europe is also projected to hold a substantial market share. The early adoption of Augmented Reality is increasing in the US and Europe.

Augmented Reality possesses an enormous amount of possibilities in various sectors, that ranges from Education to Remote Work. Most of the discussions and use cases are revolving around Education, Retail and Real Estate. So, let's discuss something else with huge potential!

Augmented Reality enabled Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronic medical records are the digital version of integrated data used by doctors or healthcare professionals to record and track the progress of a patient. EMR posses a huge potential when it combines with augmented reality to form a "Real-Time Visual EMR". It may start from the patient registration to complex decision-making process and surgeries. The doctors or nurses can update the findings on a real-time basis based on past histories. An augmented reality UI, it can be a tablet or MR mode, and that will show the changes. The benefits of such a data visualization can save time, improve the accuracy of decision making, and can save a life.

Augmented Reality for Warehouse Management

Advanced Computer Vision with Augmented Reality can create a magical workflow in the logistics, especially in warehouse operations. With the rise of e-commerce enabled business models, having an inventory would be an essential part of most of the businesses. Deploying more employees will never return an accurate result, especially in the case of larger inventory with heavy equipment or small packages. Computer vision can play a big role in detecting, identifying, counting and many more. Humans will be involved only in the supervision part, cost-control, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are assured.

How UniteAR helps industries to integrate Augmented Reality?

UniteAR helps industrial clients in different ways, we provide AR integration to your own apps and custom solutions based on the specific industry requirements. Start today and create AR in three clicks!

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