Visualize your Augmented Reality

24 Nov 2019

Augmented Reality and Visualization

UniteAR is about to launch the brand new augmented reality visualizer tool. It's an added feature to the current AR studio. The core advantage is that the users will be able to drag and drop their AR contents to the platform. Users can resize, rotate, alter, and change the position of the content. All the changes made to the visualizer will reflect on the experience part. UniteAR accepts most of the widely used content types, Video, Image, 360-degree video, audio, and 3D model. UniteAR automates the process faster, and users can create the experience without any prior technical exposure.

Learn to create Augmented Reality with virtual on-boarding assistant

The users can easily upload their target images and contents to the visual editor. The latest feature enables the user to upload multiple target images in a single instance.

The brand new AR Visualizer

The on-boarding visual assistant will help the users in every process. Start your augmentation today with UniteAR. Choose the right plan for your business. Special discounts and offers for Universities and Schools.

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