Best Augmented Reality Glasses: 2020

30 Apr 2020

Relevance of Augmented Reality Glass

Augmented Reality has placed its roots firmly on the grounds of the 21st century, and the demands are getting high. AR is easily accessible in the form of mobile Augmented Reality, and most of our smartphones are compatible with the tech. Now the world is looking forward to the rise of Augmented Reality Glass, which is going to be the next-generation device that may change history once again. These devices are not just about slapping a camera on your face, but it possesses the possibilities in real-world use cases in all industries, health and fitness, fashion, tourism, security, and entertainment as well.

Trending Augmented Reality Glasses: 2020

Here, we go and check some of the popular and trending Augmented Reality devices. Microsoft holo lens 2 is one of those premier devices, which is untethered and instinctual. Another leading mixed reality device is magic leap 1, which is considered a wearable spatial computer.With the tight competition with holo lens and magic leap, Epson moverio is standing unique with its special features. There are many others to occupy the same space, just like the Google glass enterprise edition.The adventures are yet to be released, and we should wait for what's coming out from promising startups.

The future of Augmented Reality Glasses:

As of May 2019, the installed user base for augmented reality hits nearly 1.5 billion and the big names of the tech industry like google, facebook, microsoft and amazon are taking AR more seriously than ever before. The industry is capable of handling real world problems, and creating new paths to many businesses. The upcoming world would be more interested in experiencing things virtually more than physically moving and have a direct connection. The shopping, marketing and everything else including entertainment are going to be a different experience. Let’s wait and work for a better tomorrow, with an intelligent virtually augmented reality.

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