How custom AR Apps helps in e-commerce

16 Feb 2022

The modern state of retail is all about the convenience of the customer. Mobile commerce has grown in popularity among the younger generation, which drives the economy. The post-pandemic e-commerce sector has experienced tremendous growth. The E-Commerce Market will be worth USD 16,215.6 billion by 2027, expanding at a 22.9 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Businesses are excited to incorporate augmented reality technology into their e-commerce strategies to attract more customers. This article discusses how custom AR apps can enhance the e-commerce customer experience. UniteAR creates custom AR solutions for businesses. With uniteAR, a user can create a fully functional AR app in a matter of minutes without the need for coding or a developer.

Augmented Reality use cases for e-commerce

Real-Time product demo

One of the barriers online sellers face is that they cannot provide a product experience to their customers. Most of the time, a two-dimensional view is insufficient to inform customers about the product. An AR app can display a visually appealing product demo in the customers' line of sight. Customers could see how a product would appear inside their homes. They can also take photos or videos to see and analyze how a piece of furniture or large appliance will appear in their space. Stimulating customers with an AR multi-sensory experience will lead to more sales conversions.

AR user manuals

The bulky 100-page user manuals are not adequate for the technological era. Customers frequently use the internet to look up easy-to-follow instructions for resolving a problem. Customers can watch interactive user manuals on phone screens by scanning a picture or barcode. Companies can link an instruction video or pictorial instructions. This saves time and provides an interactive and engaging experience for the customer.

Personalized offers

Personalized offers and deals ensure customer satisfaction. AR apps can push these offers and deals in unique and memorable ways. Scanning gift cards to reveal the offers will be a remarkable experience for customers. This will help brands to increase their visibility and increase their customer base.

AR fitting models for Apparel apps

Apparel apps continue to use video content to demonstrate how a dress would fit and appear on a customer. In this market, augmented reality has the potential to be a game-changer. AR fitting models can demonstrate how a dress would look on a person and how to accessorize it. Since they have a clear vision of how the product will look on them, customers will be more likely to purchase the product.

3D view of appliances using AR

One of the most serious issues that many retailers face is product return. The majority of items are returned with a complaint that they do not match the product description. AR can assist retailers in resolving this issue by displaying a 3D image of the product in the customer's living space. The customers will see how a product looks 360 and the colors in which products are available. This would boost the buyer's confidence and reduce the return rates.

Product installation tutorials simplified with AR

Many businesses use augmented reality (AR) for product installation and support after a purchase. Customers can use an AR app to point their phone at a product and understand how to install it to start functioning. They can find answers to frequently asked questions, saving them time and freeing up more of the company's resources. Companies can also link the videos to simple and common product questions and queries.

UniteAR offers businesses zero-coding and no-developer AR solutions. A user can build a fully functional AR app with the features and options they want. Businesses can add customized content to the app to provide a personalized shopping experience for their customers. Companies can make personal offers and other deals available to their customers. Customers will benefit from a better shopping experience as a result of this. UniteAR offers extensive technical support and assistance to clients in developing solutions that meet their specific needs.

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