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The Complete Time Frame of Augmented Reality | AR apps

Irrespective of what many believe Augmented Reality (AR) did not sprout out with the release of Pokemon GO. In fact it was first mentioned way back in 1901 in the famous children’s book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ written by L. Frank Baum where there were mentions of overlaying of data onto the physical world. This would later be the founding principle of Augmented Reality as we know it. AR was used in stimulators in the 1950s and it reached mainstream in the 1990s when the very first virtual first-down lines where introduced in live football matches on television. This was followed by Google’s AR glass which and later by the above mentioned Pokemon GO.

The Present stage of AR

Every sector and industry imaginable is now making strides with the assistance of Augmented Reality and all the big names of every industry has already assigned their R&D department to focus on the very same. Let us check out how the sectors have benefited from augmented reality in its budding stages alone.

Education: More interactive and visually satisfying learning experience

Healthcare: More effective and personal medical approach

Military: Less dangerous and more immersive and life like simulation experiences

Retail: Virtual tours and trying out products in the comforts of one’s home

Automotive: Maintenance and repair assistance; not to mention more safety on the road

Real Estate: A very immersive virtual tour of the different properties

Entertainment: More visually appealing and interaction with the viewers

Manufacturing: Errors and flaws at all stages are reduced to negligible levels

Architecture: Model and concepts can be made understandable to the layman without much difficulty

Gaming: More visually appealing and interaction with the users

The list could go on and on, but the underlying fact remains that every sector has found nothing but benefits from incorporating augmented reality with their fundamental workings and marketing. The trends in AR are ever changing and you can check out the link below to find out the trends as far as 2018 is concerned:

Trends in Augmented Reality

The Future

The immediate future of AR is its integration to all our daily activities and how better to implement this than through our smart phones which many have in pairs now. In the not so distant future all our apps would have an AR upgrade so that the features that we avail now through our long list of apps can now be obtained in the augmented reality. Augmented Reality applications are on the rise and several augmented reality startups in India have rose up in a very short time purely because they have understood the vast potential of this technology. Following the mobile upgrade everyone would soon have AR-enabled glasses that has a multitude of features installed in it such as

You can check out a flyer of a restaurant and it will show you the directions to reach there and in the event of any disturbances, it would suggest you an alternate route and while on your way you can check out their menu and even have a virtual tour of the restaurant. Once you reached the diner and find someone of interest, their social media links are provided to you to know if you are compatible and if they are lucky to have a glass as such you can create overlay digital content and image on the real world that can only be seen by the intended recipient. Such is how AR will help makes your life a lot easier. Of course even now AR is scratching the surfaces of a single user interface; imagine the same technology for a wide user interaction.

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