What is the difference between AR and VR?

24 Nov 2019

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the trending terms of the current age. The future lies in the hands of reality technologies, especially augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. Collectively the mentioned technologies are called, extended reality. Virtual Reality will take the user to a completely immersed virtual world where the user will have no connection with the physical world. Augmented Reality creates a digital overlay on top of the real world, and mixed reality blends both virtual and real-world objects.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a digital reality, and that has no direct connection with the real world. Virtual Reality head is required to experience VR. Oculus, HTC, and Google are the leading hardware solution providers in the VR industry. Education, Healthcare, Gaming, and Real Estate are the leading industry segments exploring the possibilities of Virtual Reality. Once the user enters into the virtual world with the help of a VR Headset, the user cannot interact with the real world. The popular games in VR segment are Minecraft VR, The Climb, and The Arcslinger.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality is an enhanced interactive reality created with a digital overlay into the real world. There are different types of technologies used in augmented reality, image recognition, object recognition, and computer vision. Mixed reality is the hybrid reality that combines the virtual world with the real world, and the user will be able to interact with this world. The leading mixed reality devices are the following, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap Lightwear, Epson Moverio BT-300FPV Drone Edition, and Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Augmented Reality can be experienced in most of the leading smartphones, with the aid of an augmented reality app.

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