What is WebAR?

10 Mar 2020


The world is talking highly on the term Web AR and it’s possibilities. Whether WebAR will disrupt all the conventional Web Experiences, and so many questions are evolving. Interacting with AR 3D objects in real time just with your mobile browsers, sounds great? You don’t need to worry about downloading an App and installing the same. This is how Web based Augmented Reality works. All that you need is just a Web link and your smartphone. As per the common perception, WebAR is Augmented Reality Experiences which can be accessed through common Web browsers. WebAR works well with simple animations, 3D models, Videos but the interactivity level may not be similar as App based AR. Still, a huge possibility of expansion and growth is hidden in the Web based Augmented Reality. Especially in the consumer specific sectors.

Advantages and Challenges of WebAR

Web based Augmented Reality does not require an app to provide an experience, that is the core advantage. The display of a 3D model in the real world is possible with WebAR. Other content types also work well with WebAR. The recently announced web technology stacks opens a huge possibility for AR development, especially in the Web. Utilizing the available technologies and building on the top of that would be a reasonable choice for all those who want to experiment with WebAR. The major challenge lies in the UI part and interactivity. When you try to bring the same level of interactivity as there in the App based AR, then you are in trouble. Scaling also may not be accurate and perfect when you compared with App based AR. It is still in the beginning stage, so there is enough space for advancement, the technologies will always get better with time. Still there is a huge potential for WebAR in different sectors.

WebAR is not for everyone, why?

Nowadays technologies are getting overrated and produces misconceptions in the public due to false promotion activities conducted by the providers. Every technology possesses its own specific use cases and opportunity for exploration, but nothing is there like in ready to cook format. In order to make technology useful, we should invest a certain amount of creativity and time. In this way, WebAR also requires the same, before starting using it for your business, ask yourself how it is going to help you to grow? If you cannot find the right answer, then you should never run after it. Web based Augmented Reality has its own limitations. If you are seeking for a higher level of interactivity with high quality textured models, then WebAR would not be a right option for you. You must rely on App based AR. Then for whom, WebAR works?. Web based AR works for those who have simple and spontaneous usage, especially for marketers, event organizers, and retail networks. Their customers are dynamic and fast, they don’t wait to download and use an App. In this way, WebAR can create magic.

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