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1. What is UniteAR?

UniteAR is an augment reality platform that helps users to create augmented reality experience. We provide device agnostic, simple and cost effective solutions easier and faster than before

2. Is there any demo? How do I create AR experience in UniteAR?

Please go through the link “”, you can also watch the video which is available in the UniteAR website.

3. How to start using uniteAR and how can I experience the augment reality using UniteAR?
How to create an account in UniteAR?

It is very simple, follow these steps;

  • 1. Go to the website “” (website will open)
  • 2. Click on the Try for Free section. One free campaign is allowed for trying out the application.
  • 3. Create an account in UniteAR by signing up with the below mentioned details.
  • i. Username
  • ii. Mobile Number
  • iii. Email address
  • iv. Country
  • v. Give a password (password should be case sensitive with capital letters, small letters and numbers)
  • vi. Confirm the password
  • vii. Sign up

After creating account in UniteAR, upload target image and contents and enjoy the magic of augmentation.

4. How to upload contents?

  • 1. Login to your account with the username and password
  • 2. Give a title to your project
  • 3. Upload a target image (format- jpg, png, jpeg, gif)
  • 4. Upload your content – video/ image/ 3D model/ 360 degree video
  • 5. Add AR button, if needed (like website , email, call us, face book, twitter, and etc)
  • 6. Test you project
  • 7. Publish your project

Scan the target image using uniteAR app and look, how you redesigned your reality into augmented reality.

5. Is UniteAR free?

The UniteARapplication is free to download. One free campaign with 50 scans is available, and for more usage subscription is required.

6. How can I edit my project? Is it possible to change my contents after publishing the project?

Yes, it is possible.

  • 1. Log in to your UniteAR account
  • 2. Hover your mouse pointer on top of your project you want to edit.
  • 3. It will show “click here to edit”- click on it
  • 4. You can change your content by uploading the new content
  • 5. Test the project
  • 6. Publish the project.

Once you upload a target image, it cannot be changed, only the contents are possible to change

7. I am not able to login to my account?

Make sure the login username and password you are providing is the same as which you created the account.

8. Not able to create account, showing password not correct?

To create an account, you need to give a password which should be case sensitive. Use a capital letter, small letters and numerals for your password. (Example: Apple34)

9. I have a business requirement, where should I contact? How can I get connect with the UniteAR team?

You can use the contact form which is given in the uniteAR website or you can email your concern to the email id “”

10. Is it possible to addUniteAR in tomy existing application?

Yes, it is possible, UniteAR API is available, and you can easily integrate it with your existing app, and if you need any guidance or support, our team will be there to guide you.

11. Is registration is mandatory for using UniteAR?

Yes, registration is needed. You require an account in UniteAR to use the application.

12. Is UniteAR works offline?

No, UniteAR application is cloud based so to make content available, data connectivity is required.

13. How can I download the UniteAR?

You can download the application from the play store “UniteAR” or go to the link

UniteAR UniteAR

14. What does UniteAR offer?

We offer custom AR solutions. We provide solutions as per the client project requirement. If you require technical expertise support in content creation, our team will help you by creating contents for you.

15. What type of contents UniteAR support?

  • a. Image – JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • b. Video – MP4
  • c. 360 degree video – MP4
  • d. Slide show – JPEG, PNG
  • e. Text Animation - GIF
  • f. Audio - OGG
  • g. 3D Model – FBX, OBJ

16. What does UniteAR app do?

UniteAR application scans the target image using the camera of your smartphone and lets you to view the digital content on top of the target image.

17. Additional costs of API integration?

USD 5,000 for API integration (USD 2,500 for Android, and USD 2,500 for iOS)