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Why us?

We democratized AR technology for everyone. UniteAR is an advanced computer vision driven augmented reality platform that let you to create your own augmented reality experience. We made AR simple, cost-effective, adaptable and accessible for all.

Create AR in few clicks with no content type and device limitation. UniteAR supports all media contents including Youtube links to podcasts.

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How UniteAR Works?

Industrial Augmented Reality

Augmented reality adds vitality towards industrial automation, especially in manufacturing, real estate, print and education. We have the best solution for you to invigorate your product or business.
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AR solution for Education

UniteAR provides AR solution that is ideal for students, teachers and academicians to explore the new culture of immersive learning and teaching. To interact and involve deeply with the subject is easier with AR and create it in your own way without any content limitation.

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AR solution for Real Estate

Ideal solution for real estate business agents, builders and smart city projects. Drive your real estate campaigns to next level with Augmented Reality. Let the customer experience the best immersive experience which can boost the interest level with a click through button.

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AR solution for Print Media

Augmented reality changes the perspective of print media through effective, immersive and interactive technology. Best solution for publishers, magazines and all types of print media. Drive multi-fold revenue streams with the aid of AR

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