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UniteAR lets you create Augmented Reality Experience without any coding skill, just upload your contents to make AR experience.


Augmented Reality in Education

Learn and think differently with UniteAR. Learning is no more static, interact with the text books while you learn. Multi-sensory learning enables students to think in multiple dimensions.

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Augmented Reality in Advertisement

Augmented reality advertising is fresh and interactive, which can reach to audience faster than conventional marketing tools.

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Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Ideal solution for real estate business agents, builders and smart city projects. Drive your real estate campaigns to next level with Augmented Reality..

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Integrate Augmented Reality to your business

Explore the potential of augmented reality in your business and increase conversion rate

Creating AR project is easy!

Upload your image


Upload any image in JPEG, PNG formats, this will be known as target image and your AR contents will be shown on the top of it when you scan.



Once you've uploaded the contents, just wait for few moments while your Augmented Reality will be created



Once you have finished with the content upload part, please click on the finish button. Just wait for a few seconds, and your AR project is ready to test!

Augmented Reality for everyone

Just unleash the potential of Augmented Reality today and build your new world with us