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UniteAR is the rarest and unique futuristic technology platform that will make your dream world to be implemented in front of you in few clicks.

UniteAR is the world’s first automated augmented reality application which allows a user to create their own AR experience within no time in few simple steps. UniteAR enables you to redesign your reality with your own creative contents, there is restrictions for the content types or size.

All you need to do is, sign up and take your business to the next level with the immersive, interactive multi-sensory experience.

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How UniteAR Works?

How to create Augmented Reality?

Once you’ve logged into your UniteAR advanced Editor, you will be guided with an interactive visual tutorial. The interactive tutorial will make you create your own AR experience. UniteAR is the first ever platform that introducing live testing feature for AR experience. Once you have finished with the creation of your AR experience, the application will automatically takes you to the testing window. Download UniteAR App from Playstore or Appstore and open the app to start your testing. Our vision is to bring augmented reality to the daily life through UniteAR, start augmenting today and walk with us to the future!


Learn differently and think differently with UniteAR

Learning is no more static, interact with the text books while you learn. Start innovate and experiment with the knowledge you gathered.The world's first AR SaaS platform with student friendly packages. Purchase now to explore the smart way of learning and teaching


Feel your home before you actually build it

Ideal solution for real estate business agents, builders and smart city projects. Drive your real estate campaigns to next level with Augmented Reality. Let the customer experience the best immersive experience which can boost the interest level with a click through button.


Discover the true nature of a content through UniteAR

Just unleash the real unlimited potential of your digital contents and see how incredibly you can tied them together with the real world objects.Increase the engagement time of your users by integrating augmented reality into your legacy system.