Create your AR experiences

Creating augmented reality with UniteAR is a simplified process in few steps.

Step 1

Upload your target image

Choose a target image in JPEG or PNG format, please don’t use an image in a single color. Preferably an image with contrast colors. The size of the target image should be equal or less than 2 MB.

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Step 2

Upload & customize contents

Choose any digital content for the augmentation process and customize it. You can customize the scale, position and rotation of the contents.

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Supported digital contents

Normal video

YouTube video

Transparent video

360-degree video

360-degree photo

Image slideshow

Transparent images

Gif animated image

3D model

Textured & animated 3D

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Step 3

Publish your project

Click on the save & publish button and your AR project is ready for action. Now, you can test it through UniteAR's Android or iOS app. Also, you have a provision to see the experience in mobile web browser through a link.

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Step 4

Experience AR through app & web browser

You can scan the target image and experience the augmented reality through both UniteAR app and web scanner.

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