Create CustomAR Experiences With an Image

Blend your ideas and creativity to make amazing augmented reality on the top of your image, and experience AR in just a scan.

Create augmented reality with no content type limits

Start creating your own custom AR experiences with all types of digital contents

3D Models

Upload your own 3D model or pick a model from 3D library to create your AR


Upload your own 360 content or use UniteAR’s content library


Upload videos in mp4 format or use youtube link to create AR experience


Start with your own gif or use our content library to create AR animations


Upload mp3 audio files or use content library to build AR podcasts and experiences


Create and link call to action AR buttons. Connect your AR campaign with email, website and phone number.

Create Augmented Reality Experiences for AR App


Upload Your Target Image

Upload any feature rich image as your target image to begin your augmentation.


Upload Your AR Contents

You can either use UniteAR’s content library or upload your own custom contents and align with your target image using the UniteAR editor.


Publish Your Experience

Save your experience and publish it within a few seconds. Experience your own augmented reality in just a scan.

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