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What is UniteAR?

UniteAR is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) platform that allows you to create white labelled AR Apps, WebAR plugins and AR experiences with no coding. No commercial licensing is required. Completely online and DIY platform, with 100% design friendly AR creator.

Is there any free trial with UniteAR?

Signup with UniteAR and you will automatically enter a free trial for 14 days from the day you signup and verify your account. You can upgrade to paid plans any time you want, otherwise your access will be denied after 14 days of free trial.

How to purchase a plan?
  1. Visit Pricing page
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Click on buy button
  4. Choose your preferred payment gateway
  5. Provide card details
  6. Click on subscribe button
What are the core features of UniteAR Platform?

UniteAR is a 100% zero coding AR platform where you can create white labelled AR Apps, WebAR scanners and AR experiences.

UniteAR’s features include:

  • Image detection and tracking: Create image based AR experience by uploading your 2D images to the editor, and upload any types of digital contents like 3D models, Video, 360 degree contents, GIF, Call to action buttons, and Audio.
  • Image detection with QR: Allows the user to create AR experiences without regarding the quality of the image, an auto-generated QR code will be placed on the tracker image and then you can follow the process similar to image detection.
  • WebAR with image detection: It allows the user to experience augmented reality with just a weblink. You can either load the link directly into your mobile web browser or scan the QR code to load the web link, and then the WebAR based scanner will be opened and scan the images which you have already created with the image based editor.
  • Ground plane tracking WebAR: It enables detection of the surface or ground plane such as floor, table top and similar surfaces to place the digital contents. (Supports only 3D model and Video, does not support multiple contents)
How is the hosting process of white labelled AR Apps? Will that be in my company account or UniteAR’s hosting?

The hosting of the white labelled AR Apps has to be done with your Playstore and Apple developer accounts respectively. We will provide you with the builds for Android and iOS AR Apps.

Can I get technical support in the hosting process from UniteAR’s team?

We provide app launching support for Enterprise and Ultimate plan users.

Can I create an offline AR App?

We can provide an offline AR app as a custom solution on demand, you can send your requirements to

Can you provide a custom plan for enterprise based on our requirements?

Yes, we can provide a custom package for custom requirements if the requirements are higher than our current enterprise plan. Please send your requirements to

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